Strategies That Provide Results

Over the last several months, I have been providing you with the latest strategies that I felt would provide results, real results for you. As you know, it takes several months to see the results in Google, and the results that have been obtained are impressive. Countless top ten rankings for vital keyword phrases, including a #5 position for a keyword generating over 1200 queries per day against over 4.5 million competitors. If you haven’t implemented the changes I have recommended, I would highly suggest that you do so, for they are working better than expected.

Yahoo! and LookSmart: Last month LookSmart renewed their contract with Inktomi to provide paid search listings thorough their IndexConnect Reseller program. While this was not big news in and of itself, it has spurred discussion that this may allow for LookSmart to step into a stronger partnership with Yahoo!.

Over the past several months, Microsoft has been increasing their size of their search department and their beta launch of MSN Search has brought the company a good revenue stream. It is very likely that Microsoft will dump LookSmart at the end of their contract and fully launch MSN Search. Yahoo! has been gearing up their new Yahoo! Search, which still currently features Google in the search results mix. However, based on a discovery by my team some time ago, the full Yahoo! Search will dump Google in favor of Inktomi with heavy emphasis placed on if your domain has an active account with Overture. It now looks as if LookSmart will be apart of that mix as well.

Hide Affiliate Links: If you use Affiliate Programs to boost your revenue, you may wish to hide those affiliate links so web surfers cannot detect that it is actually an affiliate link. It has been reported that many web surfers seeing that the link is an affiliate link will instead go to the site directly, bypassing your link. By doing so, it cheats you out of a commission, even though you were the one that referred the visitor to the site.

Solving this problem is quite simple, just hover your mouse over
this link
and you will see “Domain Site” appear in the bottom left of your browser.

How did we do that? Using JavaScript code. The code is below:

<a href=””
onmouseout=”window.status=”;return true”
onmouseover=”window.status=’Domain Site';return true”>
this link</a>

Writing code not your cup of tea? No problem, AddMe has a nice service called Link Cloaker. This will allow you to produce the code above in a flash!

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