Google and Fresh Content

Barry Schwartz over at SEO Roundtable had a post today on something I have been testing for quite some time … and that is, fresh content and getting “Google Love” with increased indexing patterns.

Sites which I update frequently get spidered on a daily basis, and often multiple times per day. Blogs? Those I post to everyday get spidered within minutes of writing a new post. However, those that are “hit and miss” have the same effect with Google. In fact, this Blog I have ignored on purpose during this testing period and it shows consistent behavior with my other blogs.

Show it Love and the Bots come. Ignore it, and so do the Bots.

While it makes sense, people like me can’t accept it until we actually see it happen – consistently across lots of blogs.

So, you’re probably asking yourself what is the minimum you can post and still get the love you want? Of course, if you want complete love, just blog everyday. Just make sure it is meaningful, or while you may get love from Google, your readers will think you suck.

Don’t do that.

Here is the minimum schedule:

– Blog three times a week.
– Don’t go longer than three days without a post.
– Backdating posts doesn’t count.
– “Stacking” posts in the queue to be posted in sequence works very well and is recommended.

Now, get back to blogging for the betterment of your business.


  1. Freddy says

    What about for non-blog web sites? What is your recommendation for new content.

    I have only been able to do once per month because of having over 100 sites. Duh.

  2. says

    Hey Jerry,

    I write about 2 posts a week and get spidered within 10 minutes.

    How come a blog get more love from google than a ‘normal’ site. I mean you can use WP or whatever software on the market today just as a CMS. So where’s the difference ?


  3. says

    Freddy, with your non-Blog sites, look to see through your log files the return time of GoogleBot after you post content. Most sites get spidered every 4-6 days. If it is lagging, just start a Blog and every time you post content on your nonBlog site, post a comment and a link to your Blog. That will get it indexed quickly.

    Dave. I have no idea why Google is doing that … speculation is that Blogs are updated more frequently, but it is just that – speculation, as there are plenty of Blogs out there which are dormant. I use WordPress – Semilogic Pro. I swear by it.

  4. edwin says

    There is a lot of information that needs to be actual, for instance if people Google Barack Obama they usually want to know what he did yesterday and not 5 years ago. I think this is a significant reason why google loves new posts, to avoid massive new content spamming you have to gain trust for durable good serp rankings.

  5. Marketing Internet says

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