Firefox 4, Chrome 6, IE9 Available in Beta

You can now download upgrades (beta) for the latest versions of Firefox and Chrome, plus a “preview” of Internet Explorer 9. Following is a brief description of the new features for each.

Firebox 4 With Multi-Touch

On August 11, Mozilla released the third beta version of Firebox 4. The most exciting difference in Firefox 4 the utilization of Windows 7 multi-touch features which lets you flip through files or pictures; open, resize, move and close images and videos, and other touch screen capabilities.

Other improvements include faster JavaScript, more HTML5 and CSS support, and interface improvements such as the addition of tabs at the top of the page.

Chrome 6

Chrome 6 is now available in beta. Aside from better JavaScript handling and speed, Chrome 6 has an autofill feature, additional synchronization capabilities, and a condensed toolbar making Chrome easier to use.

Internet Explorer 9

Download a preview of Internet Explorer 9 which is due for public beta in September. Developers can run test drive samples to see the HTML5 and modern SVG in action. Like Firefox and Chrome it handles JavaScript better and is faster.


  1. Ateeq Eyaz says

    Thanks for this article, I prefer the “Firebox 4 With Multi-Touch”.

    It’s quicker and straight forward to use.

    I can’t go wrong with the new release, it’s just awesome!

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