Adding Your Tweets to Google Realtime

There is no substitute for a converting landing page on page one of Google; however, I wanted to share an easy method for getting your Tweets listed in Google Reatime.

If you’re not too familiar with Google Reatime results, you’ll find a link to it in the left side menu of Google Search. Once a search is performed, a menu appears to the left. Click the “Everything” link. This reveals the different Universal Search options available, such as searching only blogs and blogs posts, images, or videos. For this article, we’re interested in the “Realtime” link (which may appears as “Updates” in your area). Realtime was created to list the “latest” information and breaking news on the web from sources like Facebook, Twitter, Jaiku, FriendFeed and MySpace, but right now it’s basically a search for indexed Tweets.

But that’s a good thing. It means even if someone doesn’t use Twitter they may still find your news, link, or offers. Not all Tweets are included in Realtime, but there is an easy technique for getting yours included immediately. It doesn’t matter if your Twitter account is one minute or one year old, this works. And I’m not talking about “sponsored” Tweets I’m talking about “any” Tweet which is even better.

1. Sign up for Twitter or log in.
2. Sign up for Digg or log in.
3. Link your Twitter and Digg accounts via Digg.
4. Post a link on Digg (avoid spam).
5. Elect (via Digg) to also post it to your Twitter account.

It may take an hour or so for the initial post to appear in Realtime results, but once you’ve done this, future posts appear almost instantly. Just remember to follow the steps above. Once you have a nice Twitter following, have shown that you post quality content regularly, and have gotten some retweets and mentions, your posts should appear on their own.


  1. says

    Thanks for this information.
    I am still not sure how by linking our twitter account via digg gets your tweet in real time result.
    But i have done whatever you said and i look forward to see my tweets on real time result.
    Thanks again.

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