Yahoo! … “Sub-Prime” PPC Marketing?

Have you been getting emails like this one below that we have received all week?

This is a courtesy notice to inform you that the minimum bid requirement on one or more of the keywords in your account ‘COMPANY NAME’ [XXXXXXXXXXX] has recently decreased. This means that your ad(s) associated with these keywords are now eligible to be displayed in search results.

The one consistent factor of all the emails we have received, is they are for accounts which have been basically “inactive” or “low volume.” It seems Yahoo! is taking the approach of getting accounts to spend again to lower the bids. I haven’t seen any lower bids on our active accounts, so it seems like this may just be a cheap marketing ploy … and my question is, will the bids go back up once a certain time frame hits?

Are we looking at a “sub-prime” issue in the PPC space? I doubt it, as Yahoo! just doesn’t have the push needed to make a strong case in the space. Even in strong female markets where Yahoo! has been so strong in past years, the conversions just aren’t there.

How is your Yahoo! PPC account? Seeing the same issues?

On another note, what about the new tools Yahoo! introduced a couple of days ago?

Here is what they are offering:

  • Search Retargeting: gives advertisers the ability to target display advertising based on user search activities
  • Enhanced Retargeting: allows advertisers to deliver dynamically generated display ads across the Yahoo! network based on user activity on an advertiser’s site
  • Enhanced Targeting: capabilities for search advertising, including ad scheduling and demographic targeting within search.

Due to sheer volume of traffic, I haven’t used these new tools yet so I can’t comment, but I have heard good things about them and the overall feedback has been positive.

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