Yahoo! Partners with McAfee with SearchScan

So let me get this straight. Yahoo! turned down a ton of money from Microsoft and then the next deal they do is one with a company who’s reputation is they kill everything they touch – McAfee. Don’t get me started with how much their “anti-virus” software sucks. But just look what they have done to HackerSafe. I have taken HackerSafe off ALL of my sites. Not only are there so many false positives which makes trying to do business online a headache, but no one knows how to do their job. No one has an answer when you call and it’s the same old song and dance: “We’ll call you back.”

But no one calls.

People in the media are hailing this as a great deal as it will allow for web surfers to be more secure as SearchScan will protect users from malicious sites. Um, wrong. Has no one testing this piece of garbage? I mean seriously. Do you realize that the system is in place to block sites based upon employee opinion? And when that employee’s opinion is biased due to an alliance with another company, well, it no longer becomes a benefit for the surfer, it becomes a political playing field controlled by whoever is feeding the editor of that section?

Yahoo! clearly is sinking fast.


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    Um we think we remember not too long ago about McAfee/Yahoo saying that Google was malware?

    Oh excuse us, we just choked on our Milk.

    We can’t remember the last time we used Yahoo! Who knows what’ll happen but we agree that Yahoo! is sinking fast.

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    Great point. It seems many not focused looks to a rising competitor as “malware” or any other name you want to call someone. Yahoo! is about to dump their search platform.

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