The Long Tail

In Affiliate Marketing and marketing online in general, much has been made of “The Long Tail.” I’m not sure who did it, but someone incorporated the “Long Tail” theory into keyword research and it has screwed up a lot of webmaster’s thinking. The Long Tail is about selling more of less … meaning that you target the lower segments and based on quality of smaller markets, it will make up the difference and make an otherwise unprofitable business profitable.

The issue here is that The Long Tail is being compared to keyword research when keyword research isn’t about sales, it is about search positions. Webmasters need to realize that in order to use The Long Tail theory, they must understand which keyword phrases actually convert … becaues that is what The Long Tail has been about: Selling Less of More, not Searching Less of More.

Remember that. Know your converting keyword phrases and concentrate on them and you will be far and above half of your competition.


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