Sites Struggling in Google?

I know you are frustrated and feel overwhelmed with yet another Google update which has killed your sites…those sites you built to fix the last round of Google updates that killed your original sites. It’s like getting your teeth kicked in while laying on the ground. It sucks. What you need is an in-depth process for proper link building – especially now in the post-Panda/Penguin era of Google.

I present to you the New Linking Strategy of 2013.

The guide is 84 pages, and just like my guide on Google, this one gets to the point and gives plenty of examples so you can take action today on your site and start seeing your rankings improve. This isn’t about getting tens of thousands of links like it was a couple of years ago, this is about getting the right links. My testing has shown that sites with powerful links which have trust outrank sites with thousands more links. Of course, there are always exceptions (i.e. the LinkedIn spam profiles), but what I am giving you is how to get links which will not be devalued. Here are some of the concepts I cover:

  • Linking Myths Exposed
  • The Truth about Paid Links
  • How to Track Your Competitor’s Links
  • How to Use Link Baiting Effectively
  • Which Tools to Use and Why

I routinely build sites with over 100,000 links each (you won’t need that many) and the methods I use are the same in this guide. Does it take work? Of course. But the payoff is incredible. These methods are tested and proven.

The guide is normally $97 and comes with free lifetime updates, but until Midnight on Memorial Day (Monday), the price is dropping to $27 because you’ve been a past customer. It also comes with a full money-back guarantee if you aren’t happy. The information isn’t watered down, I don’t waste your time and the methods will require work from you, but they work and work very, very well.

The choice is simple, you can get drunk this holiday weekend or you can work a plan that has been proven to work and get your sites making money again. Save $70 and make it happen.

New Link Strategy Guide – Just $27 until Midnight (ET) Monday.


  1. says

    Hmm Jerry
    asking us not to get drunk this weekend is asking a lot !

    Luckily it was a good week this week and I can afford to do both ;-)

    Linking ey? who knew ;-)


  2. Terri says

    Oh forgot to ask, how long after purchase do you receive the guide? I purchased it a little while ago and have not received it yet. Thanks!!!

  3. Julia says

    Another delivery hiccup … I emailed the receipt just now … :-)

    Looking forward to reading it!

    • says

      Julia » Looks like PayPal is having an issue with verification for some reason. Just email me and I’ll get you the guide. I’ve been doing them all night and will continue to make sure everyone gets what they ordered.

  4. Karim says

    Hey Jerry,

    I just bought the guide but I have not received a download link, here is my paypal Transaction ID #8W904643PX760582U

  5. Pooya says

    Hi Jerry,
    Just bought the guide but didn’t received it yet. my paypal Transaction ID: 9W957103XN697615B

  6. John Wright says

    I just bought the guide but I haven’t received a download link or any other receipt/confirmation, except from Paypal

    26 May 2013 17:05:46 PDT
    Transaction ID: 6TC35379AW959780B



  7. says

    Hi Jerry – I got Paypal validation errors too. But the transaction shows on our PayPal account. Unique Transaction ID3S124313W2181744G

    Good night!

  8. Joe says

    So, will it allow to get a site hit by penguin ranking again? My site was on the 1st page and is now ranking +300. Can I get it back with these links?

    • says

      Joe » will it allow to get a site hit by penguin ranking again?

      No, that is something else entirely – getting a site back from getting hit from Penguin. This will outline how to build links the right way so you won’t get hit again. We are working on a step-by-step guide for the latest Panda/Penguin updates.

  9. Justin says

    Hey Jerry, I also purchased today through PayPal and did not receive any confirmation. PayPal transaction: : 5UM5623075410394C Thanks.

  10. Tom says


    Is this an update to the older version of your “New Linking Strategies” that is available to members? Seems to be since the title is the same but I’ll wait to here from you.


  11. shiran says

    Hi Jerry,
    Bought the guide but didn’t received it yet.
    Paypal Transaction ID: 64556370AY0288152


  12. dan says

    But why are you selling this to the public?? You know that releasing good information on link building makes the information overused and then useless so why not give it (or sell it) to members only?

  13. cheryl says

    what if we’ve paid for this guide before?

    I don’t recall having lifetime updates, Jerry?

    thanks in advance!

  14. Annemarie O'Bea says

    Damn, I missed the sale. :-( Hoping you’ll run another special for past purchasers/members again.

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