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Traffic Stolen...

Is this how you feel after Panda/Penguin?!?!

Okay, so I finally did it. Yeah, it seemed like it took forever but it should be well worth the wait. A lot has happened this year with Google. Updates from Panda. A whack from Penguin and numerous issues in-between. It’s enough to make you go a little crazy, but that’s where the GBP guide comes in. Brings sanity to an otherwise insane online life.

If you’re like most web masters, these two updates from Google just completely stripped your sites of all their working organs. It sucks. I know. My sites were hit as well. In fact, if you didn’t have any sites hit from these updates it simply means you aren’t marketing your sites hard enough.

Seriously, I hear it from SEO firms all the time that they actually brag that none of their client’s sites were hit by these updates. Is that really something that you want to brag about?!?! That is just admitting you aren’t driving much revenue.

“Experts” also claim that “SEO is dead”…which they have been saying for years. Look, until Matt Cutts tells us that Google is only displaying paid search results, SEO is alive and well. While the techniques will evolve, the process is generally the same.

Get the no BS approach to driving traffic to your site via Google. The purchase comes with free lifetime updates.
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    Updating your site with good quality content and getting quality links from high quality sites using ethical SEO technique is best option to stay safe from Google algorithm update. Thanks admin for sharing your post.

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