Don’t Buy The Arbitrage Conspiracy – I Was There in Vegas

I was going to keep quiet about this, but with all the emails going out about “The Arbitrage Conspiracy” … and how their “cart” is opening today at 3pm, well, it is time that someone who was actually there talks honestly about the program.

I will be giving my FULL review in my FREE newsletter later this week, so make sure you are signed up. You can go to: and the sign-up box is in the upper right hand corner.

Here is the brief review:


Don’t get sucked into the hype. It isn’t real. I was there and I walked out after 40 minutes because the material was very basic. I even talked to many people (other solid CPA marketers) who stayed for the entire presentation and they said there wasn’t anything new, it was all recycled material from past systems.

If you want to really know how the CPA (Cost Per Action) market works and the DARK side of it, I will be coming out with a free course by the end of the year. No strings attached. I feel that passionate about this. This is another “launch” that over 90% of the people who sign-up will fail because it does not meet the expectations the marketing message created.

CPA is a tough business and you can lose your shirt if you don’t fully understand it.

Protect yourself. Bypass this offer and save yourself not only money, but a mountain of frustration.


  1. says

    Thank you, thank you, thank you! For showing some courage and not just going along with everyone else, even though I know a lot of folks promoting this are friends and partners of yours! The way these launches go now it is almost impossible to get an unbiased review before the product sells out or all of the ‘bonuses’ are gone. So you plop down the money in order to see for yourself, and then they complain about the people who try and ask for a refund saying ‘there is nothing new’.

    I look forward to your full review and free course later this month!

    Care to comment on Howie’s new release “Super Affiliate Traffic”?

  2. Kim says

    Jerry, thanks so much for your honesty. With the times that we’re in right now, you’re absolutely right – a lot of newbies will get burned especially the ones who are least able to afford it. Sometimes I feel that its all a big conspiracy – internet marketing gurus conspiring together to get our money in any way the can. Looking forward to your review and course, thanks again!

  3. Dan says

    Dam! I was going to buy. I should have known when the conference call had so much hype crap in it I could not believe. Also the launch site change from EST to PST in hour before the original launch.

    I will signup for your newsletter, but I really want that free info this month.

  4. says

    Thanks Jerry, My BS detector went up when I first started to see this. I mean if this guy is making this much money per day, why in the world does he want to invite all this competition into the market.

  5. says


    I have always appreciated your honesty and integrity. This industry need more people like you.

    I find it amazing that there are so many marketers who will sell stuff without actually using and testing the product.

    And I also find it interesting that a lot of “Gurus” are singing the praises of this product, but very few of them are doing any CPA marketing.

    Other than Drew Kossoff, I have yet to see any of these “Gurus” provide a “Before & After” pictures (“Before Aymen’s event I was doing X. After the event I did 5X”).

    Unfortunately, this launch is heavy on hype and very light on substance.

    I am really looking forward to your report. Thanks so much, Jerry.

  6. says

    Yah I thought something was very fishy here. Most so called Gurus just try to suck you into buying all of their shitty programs because seriously… If it was so great they’d keep their mouths shut about the whole thing… all of this.. oh I want to give back is just hype and a load of shit. These guys are into making money… and they are making money when you buy from their affiliate links… Why would they spend $10,000 to go to the seminar then turn around and sell it for 1/5 the price… something very fishy here… do the opposite of what all of these so called gurus are telling you… they are only out to get your money. It’s making them rich not you!

  7. Jay Fairbrother says

    None of the gurus paid to attend and they stand to get 50% commission ($1,000 per sale). I was going to buy this, and still may in spite of the warnings, but clearly these guys don’t have a lot of integrity with the launch tactics they’ve used like delaying the launch due to “technical difficulties” (just like Stompernet) and claiming that he’s only letting in 700 people. No way these big name gurus are going to lift a finger for a piece of 700 people spread among 40-50 gurus. Anyway, if there’s so much potential here, and I’m not talking their crazy numbers, but if there’s $10,000-$20,000 month potential even after the market is saturated with thousands of new people competing, isn’t it worth two thousand dollars even if you get one or two nuggets that might make you another $2,000/month?

  8. Arro says


    Thanks so much for the heads-up on this!

    I believe you went out on a limb here to clearly state your honest concern about the hype – where I come from that is called Character, it’s a beautiful thing.

    Can’t wait to learn more about your course.

  9. jeff says

    I applaud you for your honesty and not following your guru friends. I laughed when I read their free report and listened to part of their call while working. Absolutely nothing new, little substance and all hype.

    His techniques and terminology used and referenced in his report remind me of Gauher Chaundry’s pay per click formula.

    Further, with high of a price tag you’d think they would be selling individual coaching or really advanced techniques instead of targeting the noob crowd who don’t even know what a CPA network or offer is or how to get accepted. I feel sorry for new folks the people who buy into this.


    Hi Guys,

    This is first time I ve isited this site. First of all you are really good community out there. I like Jerry’s comments.

    But my concern is if giving a negative comment for a product like “Arbitrage Conspiracy”, could be a strategy to stop other people buy and coming into competition radar. Jeery I am not questioning your comments as you seems to be quite honest from other people’s comments. Sorry I don’t know much about you. My appologies.

    Please don’t think that I am encouraging to buy it.
    After reading all your comments I checked the explanation of Aymen, on the website, as to why he is exposing his system to thousands of others, whereas he is easily earning around 50,000-100,000 per day. He could not give a solid reason. Please read it and give your views.Its right below the first testimonials.
    c u guys with your inputs.

  11. Webguy says

    I was there in Vegas too and sat through the entire day. The first two hours were weak. Admittedly the first half day was just Ok. The afternoon got way better. How Jerry can say DON’T BUY without seeing the course and without staying for the entire day blows my mind.

    Maybe Jerry is one of those “in the know” who just doesn’t want the competition for HIS business. Can someone say Scarcity Mentality.

    Look, there’s tons of hype on this. Anytime you say $50 to $100K a DAY, there’s gonna be hype. But the truth is, there were plenty of big names there who were very impressed. Not because they are promoting. Because they got lots of useful information on how to ramp up their own PPC campaigns in a big way.

    And for anyone looking to get into CPA, this course will get them a heck of a lot farther than trying to figure it out on your own.

    Maybe Jerry didn’t learn anything new since he’s already doing great in CPA himself. But a newbie? Wouldn’t this be a great opportunity to learn about the business and get started.

    Come on Jerry, you gotta start somewhere. Funny how your “Free Course” didn’t get announced till you got pissed off by these guys. Where was your FREE TRAINING before?

  12. Tim says

    Thanks Jerry for your thoughts. I was interested in it but don’t have the funds anyway, so didn’t get it.

    I guess, to be fair, there is not much that is “new” – usually it’s just the way all the components are strung together that is new.

    Anyway, thanks again for having the guts to go against the flow with this one and speaking your mind. I’m really looking forward to what you’ve got to say in your CPA course that’s coming soon.

    – Tim

  13. says


    You make some good points in your video, but it is a good three minutes too long. You’re going to lose some viewers.
    BTW, StomperNet isn’t tied to this launch at all. Brad did this on his own without Andy.

  14. Alan Bechtold says

    Way ta go, Lee. Telling it like it is. I’m PROUD of you, dude.

    I’m getting so I literally detest ALL “big launches.”

    Here’s a point to consider: if it’s really a solid product, it’ll BUILD sales from positive reviews AFTER people buy it, use it and like it.

    If it’s a shaky product, the BIG LAUNCH is the best way to go. Lots of hoopla and scarcity and a mad scramble to not miss out…usually because the creators know going into it that the reviews later wouldn’t help sales at all.

    There are exceptions to every rule but, generally speaking, major launch = greedy creators wanting to make a LOT of money FAST. Are these the people you REALLY want to trust to deliver high quality products AND service to back them up?

  15. says


    I have nothing to gain from speaking out against the product. Unlike others, I’m not denouncing this product and then promoting another. The more you get to know me you realize that I don’t pitch. It isn’t in my blood.

  16. says

    “WebGuy” – if you want to be taken seriously, use your real name or at least an non-free email address. I had plenty of friends who stayed until the end and they all said they blew it and wasted their time. Others said it was worthwhile because they learned some new things … but then got pissed when I told them they were strategies taught in other courses.

    Where was my free course before? It wasn’t available before smart a$$ :-) … what upset me was the billing and how it didn’t live up to what it promised, pure and simple.

  17. Mike says

    Thanks Andy posted in the warrior forum saying stompernet wasn’t involved and he seems like a stand up guy so I believe him. No reason not too.

  18. Aiye Knight says

    @Shay Yes, there were about 10 people that paid up to $10k to cover the 1-day seminar. This Seminar is an introduction to another world of marketing most of us conventional marketers don’t pay attention to and what’s there to come for the future of the internet marketing nitche. I’m going to try to finally start up my blog and give my take explaining the purpose of the Arbitrage Conspiracy. Whether it says it or not on the sales page, I’ll try to tell you why Aymen launched this product.

  19. Colby Armstrong says

    Thanks for the comments. I’m gonna have to go against the grain though and say that while I haven’t been behind the veil so to speak, I am super stoked about this product. I have been a member of stompernet for a little while and those guys are seriously cutting edge. This may be blind loyalty but if Brad is standing behind this thing, I’m all for it. Thanks for the info though.

  20. Brett says

    Hi Jerry

    Love your work at Stomper.

    When is your free course comming out on this subject, i’m really looking forward to it.


  21. Pauline says

    Oh my god!!! I’m a complete newbie and came so close to getting sucked into Arbitrage. Now that I’ve read everyone’s comments I definitely won’t be buying it.
    I came across this site by accident and don’t really pay a lot of attention to scam sites and forums now because it seems everyone that posts anything has a hidden agenda and either doesn’t tell you the truth or has a link to there website/landing page.

    But Jerry was right when he said he wasn’t ‘denouncing one product then promoting another’. It seems to me he doesn’t have anything to gain from having the guts to speak out and tell the truth.

    I wish more scam and review sites would be as honest as Jerry.

    Thanks for all your comments guys – it helped me to make a decision and save my hard earned pennies.

    It would be great if someone could recommend an honest program to make money online for newbies. I’ve done nothing but read for the last 5mths about all the programs that say they are for newbies only to find out that a newbie couldn’t cope with it.

  22. says

    Well Jerry West it is a damn pleasure to meet you!!! A dear friend of mine just sent me the link to your post after me ranting and raving at how disgusted in the hype and launch process of this product I was!

    Someone’s video above asked if it turned people off or helped them want for the product even more… Well here’s my story. I put my baby to bed at an unusual time to listen to the call Brad organised.. The call went over time and my baby cried for 20 minutes whilst I put him off to stay on the call. I did that because I told myself I’d make it up to him with new knowledge, income and the resultant freedom some time down the track. I was excited although a little concerned I was being taken down a garden path but ‘wanted it all to be true.’

    I set my clock for 3am local time after going to bed at 1am (usual time as I work hard to try and keep my blogs updated etc)..I discover the ‘come back in…’ page which really upset me. I set the clock again and got up for the new time only to refresh refresh refresh, nothing. My excited husband asking if it’s up yet, how much is it…what do we have to do!

    Once the technical difficulties page went up I was flaming mad. I had lost sleep, I’d left my computer on all night, I’d put credit on Skype to listen to the international call (that was now on the site@!) and I was made to wait. Worst of all I’d affected my baby. I felt sick I’d been had. It was almost identical to the Stomper launch. I felt sick I’d let my baby cry. I felt sick for all the people who’d put themselves through similar pain. I felt most sick about all the gurus who’d sold themselves out to it all, the guys I thought were ‘honest’. Did someone really say above that it must be good ’cause all the big names were there?!!!!!! Oh gosh, maybe some of us did come down in the last shower, they’re exactly the ones who Brad and crew are targeting! Ask yourself this people; How many campaigns could you test with $2000?!?!??!!? A lot!!! How many people could you sell your ‘honest’ experience to on the $7 script!?!?! A lot!!! How good would it feel to actually honestly help people!?!? Great no doubt!!!

    I proceeded to unsubscribe to Filsaime, Fallon, Comm and the gang. They’ve all lost me. I’m not saying there’s not a good product in this, but with the need to launch like that…sorry unethical marketing and I don’t mix.. Maybe I’m just not street smart to it all. Maybe ‘this is how it’s done’…. The industry sickens me. It’s time the ethical marketers band together. I have quickly had to tweak some of my blog posts and ‘undo’ recommendations. Some I have deleted all together. Never will I recommend a product again that these guys offer. Call me a moral madam but this is just off!

    Anyways, this is way too long for a comment on a blog, sorry but I am VERY passionate about protecting people from s@#t!

  23. Michael says

    Way to take the lead Jerry!

    The big all star call was a butt-kissing exhibition of various gurus casting their approval of the newest guru in the club. It was sort of like each guru wanted everyone else to know he recognized the genius of the new guy before everyone else.

    A few of those guys would endorse anyone with a new product to sell as long as there was a good commission. Maybe I’ve become a little jaded here.

    One thing is clear to me now: those of us not on the inside of the guru club are the Soylent Green for those hungry, insatiable guys. I think I’ll remove myself from the food bin by unsubscribing from their lists.

  24. says


    For those of us who are actually doing what we talk about, you continue to amaze me.

    It is not about the money for you, it is not about the status nor popularity in the marketplace.

    You are really looking to help people to make a difference in their lives based on real world experience.

    Continue the work my friend. This is what we are here to do.

    – David Bullock

  25. Bill says

    To Webguy… Did you ever think that the big name guys are friends of Brad Fallon’s and they are all in on the same scam! The bigger the name the bigger the scum. If this was true, instead of playing in vegas they would all be locked to their computers pulling in 100,000 dollars a day. Instead that jerk made a million dollars yesterday ripping people off!

    I thought about it, how can that guy can sleep at night and then I thought probably just fine because he sleeps on pillows of cash. How he can even use his real name is beyond me. That guy should be in jail for publicly ripping everyone off but he has a disclaimer if you choose to read it. I hope the IRS rips him the new one he deserves.

    It’s called emotional response marketing and these guys are hitting everyone at there lowest point. The economy is bad we all know that and people are desperate and these guys are a group of sharks praying on a school of minos.

    If you bought into this then please give me a call because I got a bridge in Brooklyn for sale!

    Keep your head up, work hard and make an honest living and don’t believe the hype!

  26. Alan Bechtold says

    I heard about this blog from a tweet from Lee Collins and at first assumed it was his blog. Apologies, Jerry.

    Kudos to you.

    I don’t believe for a moment there is NO value to the product, but I do agree the hoopla with all these “big launches” literally forces a ton of folks who should sit back, contemplate and see if it’s right for them rush into something they have no idea will really help them or not.

    And I stand by my statement that MOST big launches are for products the producers KNOW won’t build sales and when word gets out will actually stop selling. So they push as many out the door as they can by creating a false buying frenzy.


  27. says

    Thanks Jerry! With regular frequency the next new new thing get’s released and while I no longer get caught by them I still get frustrated knowing there is probably something of value at the core. Getting past the BS and Hype is so boring, and no, it isn’t compelling anymore, for that we need people like you. So once again thank you! I am off to join _your_ list ;-)

  28. says

    Jerry, you have no idea what they will be revealing in their 12 week course. They are not selling the “Las Vegas seminar” of which you walked out after 40 minutes – they are selling their strategy that works for them. I think it is safe to say it won’t be as “basic” as the free seminar you attended. No one knows what their stratgey is and what they’ll be teaching over 12 weeks. You don’t. I don’t. No one does…. To me, based on what I know about the potential of buying cheap traffic and converting it, along with their successful strategies, that’s worth investing $2,000. Sure, it’s possible it might not be worth it – but if I can get a few nuggets from someone who is that successful – it will be worth it! I can’tendorse the product and am not doing so – but I can say that based on everything I found through my research, my contacts and my experience lends me to believe that these guys are the real deal! Me – I want to hang out with them and do what they’re doing! I appreciate you don’t feel the same way. That’s OK! But don’t rain on my parade bro! You sound like the nagging relative that is trying to stop us from achieving uccess. Come on dude – admit it is possible! Aymen can teach people to do what he is doing – and at least SOME of the people will take action! Sure, post people wil lnot – but that is true with any course – whether it is free or costs thousands… me – I’m a doer and will succeed! HA! Sorry Jerry – couldn’t resist! Just having some fun here. I’ll let you know how it’s working out!

  29. says


    That must be the lamest reason to buy a course in my view. Look, I’m not raining on your parade, you are doing a fine job all by yourself. Are you aware they offered affiliates a 5% extra commission if they mailed twice during the pre-launch and twice during the launch? And to top it off they also offered an additional 5% for a video testimonial sharing how “mind blowing” the Vegas seminar was. That is basically buying testimonials. Personally, I’ve never seen that ever.

    I think Dan Thies said it best: “I am not a mind reader, so I don’t how many of the “gurus” present at the event had their minds blown and their games changed, vs. those who just wanted 10% more in their commission check.”

  30. says

    I am not trying to convince you or anayone the product is GOOD or that they are promoting it properly.

    I am not judging the 12 week course based on that… It hasn’t been released yet… I can’t judge it or review it.

    I made a decision to buy it based on my own personal research and feelings of what I would gain from it.

    Jerry you said “That must be the lamest reason to buy a course in my view”

    Huh… Lamest reason??? Why, because I don’t agree with you you’re going to get all snooty and say that? I did lots of research and it verified what is important to me… why is that lame??? Because I don’t agree with you? Sorry Jerry, but you are too harsh and emotional about this whole thing. I think it is a wise move on my part to buy the 12 week course. I’m not sure why you have such a big chip on your shoulder. Are you mad at Brad Fallon for something? I didn’t buy it because of Brad. I know WHO Aymen is – I know he is doing what he says he is doing – I know others who are connected to him who are doing well… Those alone are some solid reasons.

    I’m not buying it based on the sales pitch or dreams of owning 6 homes in every county in Southern California (although it would be nice…).

    I bought the course because I feel it is a good investment for me and 2,000 is a reasonable amount to risk based on what I know. I have a long list of reasons to hook up with Aymen and learn from him. That’s my goal – to learn form him. Not lame. You don’t know what the course includes so you can’t review it UNLESS youtake it. Sure, you can review the seminar – the promotional approach and all the stuff you want – but not the course itself because it’s full of info that has never been revealed. It starts tomorrow… I know these guys are successful and am confident they are going to show me things relating to how they achevied their success over the next 12 weeks. To me – that’s worth it. Learning fromm people who have success and experience is not lame. They are making huge money and it has been verified. You can’t dispute they are successfull. The “seminar event” in Las Vegas was NOT the course. It was intended to PRESELL/INTRODUCE the attendees on promoting it. I believe it was basic – they don’t want to reveal all the things they will include in the 12 week course… yah think??? The course starts tomorrow and NO ONE knows what it will be like.

  31. Michael says

    Here’s my biggest issue with this launch: It was hyped by all the gurus that went to the event who then endorsed it although they had not actually been through the program itself. Why not?

    So, why couldn’t they have first gone through the program, had some success and then talked about that? Why was it necessary to rush it out to the masses without benefit of first proving it’s value to themselves? Why do we have to gamble $2k to find out if it works? What’s the damn hurry?

    I’m sick of seeing Fillsaime, Knudson, Casey, and the others in my inbox every other day with another “do it now before it’s too late” deal. Maybe it’s time for some guru push-back. I’ve got a case of guru flu.

    I get Fillsaime’s newsletter. It just went up $10 per month. Guess what? It didn’t get $10 better than last month! So he’ll put a cute name to this technique and sell it as a new strategy, like The Butterfly Back-end Uppercut. In a few months he’ll offer it as a bonus to promote someone else’s launch.

    Anybody else sick of this s**t?

  32. Jerry West says


    You’re right, I was too harsh, and for that I apologize. I don’t have an issue with Brad … he’s my boss at StomperNet. My issue is the way the launch was done – during a recession and most of the people signing up will be newbies, who can’t afford to lose the $2k. You can afford the risk. But the way the launch was done breeds the mentality of, “I don’t need to make $100k a day, $1k a day would be just fine.”

    Well, that is still $365k a year, which a very small percentage of people in the CPA business make. They crafted their message very well so the “story in people’s heads” would convince them to buy.

  33. says

    I think part of the problem here is that “review” isn’t the right word since as Mike Liebner pointed out – nobody had seen the actual course when they made their recommendation or non-recommendation.

    But as far as Jerry not recommending something he walked out on – he covered this when he sent out the details about why he doesn’t recommend the proudct:

    “As I said in my opening piece on my Blog, I was there for Aymen’s video seminar and I walked out of the room after about 40 minutes due to the sheer basics of the lecture. I had better things to do that day … like take a nap. So how can I say it was garbage when I walked out so early? I had many friends who stayed to the end and my business partner stayed too. All hoped it would get better, and it didn’t. So I know everything that was discussed.”

    So essentially UNLESS someone really knows Aymen well and has a lot of details about the course OR has FOUND out more about the course through their connections – then they must EITHER:

    A) Is basing their recommendation/non-recommendation on the live event.

    B) Basing their recommendation because they want affiliate commissions.

    Unless there’s some “third alternative” I’m missing there, which I’m willing to believe is possible.

  34. says

    Jerry – the advice is much appreciated. I am a complete newbie in the internet marketing jungle and “stumbled” across the Arbitrage Conspiracy. Admittedly, it made me salivate – but it also made me a bit suspicious. I tried to find some objective reviews of the program, and all I seemed to come across were affiliate sites plugging the program – until tonight, when I came across your opinion. My main question is, if the course really is not what it’s cracked up to be, how can they offer the “money back plus $500″ deal if you try it out and it doesn’t work for you? Obviously there will be the people out there who pay for the course and then don’t actually do anything with the info, and they won’t be eligible for money back since they didn’t actually work at it. However, it seems to me that with the incentive of an extra $500 back, if I bought the course, tried what they suggest, and wasn’t immediately successful, I would be clamoring for my money back in a heartbeat. Do you think they’re just counting on most people being lazy and forgetful and unmotivated?

  35. Jerry West says


    Here is the problem, and one they hope you overlook. In order to get the refund and extra $500.00 you have to do two campaigns per day over the 12 weeks of the course. So if we use “normal” business hours, that is five days a week at two campaigns a day over 12 weeks, or 120 campaigns. If you test with just $100.00 per campaign, you’ll run through $12k.

    Since you are a newbie, and they state right in the fine print that you will fail more often than you succeed in the program, they never plan on you getting that far.

    Instead of doing 120 campaigns, you might do 20-30, which doesn’t put you eligible for the $500 back.

  36. Daniel says

    The Arbitrage Conspiracy free report tells you, in general terms, that you can pay for PPC (pay per click, like Google AdWords) to promote your affiliate landing pages offered by CPA (Cost per Acquisition) Companies, and the “arbitrage” part comes from the difference between your investment (what you had to spend in PPC) and your prize (what the CPA companies pay you for the action made by the visitor you sent).

    Then, the idea is that if you find a successful combination (PPC –> CPA) then you would add up some leverage, investing more and more into that profitable one. I understand that it is apparently proved that this guy makes over between $50K and $100K every day, so he must really know what he’s doing. The price of the full 12 week course is $1997.

    You can get the free report here:

  37. says

    What’s going on? I was trying to log into the Arbitrage Conspiracy pages, and keep getting “Page Cannot Be Displayed”, 404 message. I’ve checked some other affiliate sites and no links are working anywhere. Is ths program closed? Is that what this means, or is there a problem? I was still thinking this over, but now I’m in the dark.

  38. says

    Well Ladies and Gentlemen, it’s 8:40PM PST. I received this email at 3:20pm PST from Aymen.


    Today is the day the doors open!

    We are just finishing uploading the first of
    the videos and are tweaking and preparing the
    membership site for our huge new team of
    arbitragers! (that means you!)

    You will be receiving an email later today
    with your links and login info.

    Today you can expect a nice overview of what’s
    to come and a special bouns waiting for you.

    As the week progresses, we will have even more
    content and bonuses that we will be uploading
    regularly – all of which you will see when you

    So get ready… it all begins in a matter of hours!

    Aymen and the Arbitragers

    PS: **We will be doing our first live coaching
    call later this week – details will be announced
    soon – keep your eyes peeled!**


    So… I am still waiting..Have not received any new updates since 3:20pm PST. By tonight when the clock strikes 12:00pm, I’ll be super skeptical as alot of you are. It may just paint the picture of what the real deal is.

    Now, if I don’t get an email with an update by this evening, that’ll really make me the the next doubting Thomas. I hope this is not the case. I hope I can bring good news to you all and let you know this system is making a lot of sense.

    Well.. I’ll update very soon as to the progress. Good luck to all!

  39. nam nguyen says


    There’s a lot of negative stuff going around this blog. Hey guys guess what, this is a quality product. CPA networks has been paying people since 1995. If someone has a product that teaches it, and has massive proof behind it, and the big name guru’s like Eben Pagen(who is a class-act) and especially Brad Fallon, who doens’t need to scam people for money(check Then its worth checking into. All you newbies who passed on this product because of this blog, you guys really need a history lesson in Internet Marketing. Because all the gurus who promoted this product, really has solid repuations, and they don’t just RALLY around anyone. And this launch process, is the only way to launch a product like this. I’ll be glad to look into your Free Course.. LOL. But I rather dedicated my time into somebody who’s proved he made 50 to 100 K consisently. Good luck guys with your free course, I’m glad I joined the conspiracy.

    P.S: If this is one garbage product, then I get my money back plus 500 dollars. No Guru would ever offer a false gurantee. Keep that in mind!

  40. seosoeasy says

    Thank you. I really appreciate your honesty.This activity proves your self interests upon us.I think “It’s better to travel hopefully than to arrive”.Thanks.

  41. Jerry West says

    Quote: If this is one garbage product, then I get my money back plus 500 dollars. No Guru would ever offer a false gurantee. Keep that in mind!

    Yeah, keeping drinking the Kool-Aid. In order to get the $500 back on top of your $2k, you have to test two campaigns per day for 12 weeks. That’s 120 campaigns. If you properly test each campaign with $100 in PPC, that’s $12k you are throwing down to get back $2500.

  42. says

    Folks, you can’t trust advice from someone who is getting paid. All of the Gurus who endorsed Arbitrage have a financial interest in seeing this succeed. Thus you cannot trust their advice – it’s tainted. It doesn’t mean what they’re saying is’t true, but it does mean that you simply cannot trust what they say. Let’s see a review from another Guru who is not financially benefiting from this.

    Jerry West on the other hand is a breath of fresh air. He is the real deal. He has no financial interest in the Arbitrage Conspiracy, thus you can TRUST him. Sure he’s coming out with his own course, but that’s going to be free – again, no financial interest puts Jerry at the top of the trust scale.

  43. TAS says

    why are we assuming it costs $100 to test a campaign? It can cost as little as $5. The program has not even started yet and everyone is SO negative about it here. Personally I’m excited to see what this Aymen guy is going to teach. But if I was going to listen to the people here, I would have refunded the program before it even started

  44. Jerry West says

    It isn’t an assumption. In order to properly test any market you need to spend around $100 in PPC. If you don’t, you could bypass on a winner.

  45. nam nguyen says


    Jerry West, please understand this, if I don’t get 500 bucks back. I’ll get my money back.

    And what makes you think I won’t work hard at these campaigns. Its not like you spend 200 bucks a week and loose it, its like you spend 200 bucks, gain 100 bucks, then, spend 100 bucks, then gain 150 bucks, then on and on. The real value is when you learn how to improve your CPA skills. So your Free Course is going to teach me how to make money with CPA.

    Let me get this straight, every Internet Markerter, who’s promoting this, their only interest is in getting that commission check.


    Thats how this world always works, BUT why build a solid repuation online and risk it for a measly commission check. Eban Pagen makes 20 million a year, Mike Filasame makes 10 million a year, what good is a commsion check to them. Jerry West,to me, you sound like someone who’s sipping the kool-aid of negativity. Your opinion on the launch is that, they targeted newbies really hard. Well, I’m a season vet, and CPA has been around the block for quite some time. Newbies don’t understand that, they think its a shiny new toy. But, in reality, the course is a shiny new toy. And yeh, some newbies won’t succeed, but theirs no better oportunity for them to get burn and learn then this course. It teaches PPC, the most difficult skill on the planet(for newbies)! And, if a newbie is willing to invest 2k in it, their’s no point to discourage him just because he fell into the hands of a really great product launch. Its a great product launch, because its a great product. Go Newbies!!!

  46. SEORundown says

    Hey Nam,

    It was not smart to come try to make a plug for the Arbitrage Conspiracy on here. This program has now changed the guarantee again. They have also adjusted the date to January 5th. They have hidden update fee’s.(monthly website fee’s) As far as the launch goes it is one of the worst I can recall. As far as the content goes, I will pretty much guarantee that it will be a mixture of coarses all in one. They released a preview video and the guy was reading from a paper. However when launching a CPA campaign to test a network, it would cost a lot more than five dollars. Atleast I would like to see the CTR and Conversion before I dumped a ton of money. Also, Not Once did they disclose how you are paid based on the action. It will sometime take several months to see any return. Anyways There is a slight possibility that Aymen see’s 100,000 on irregular month’s. However he then pays his ppc and ad fee’s. He also is probably managing those campaigns for a corporation. Anyways he doesn’t disclose any of that on any part of his marketing. He also doesn’t disclose his last name, which I have disclosed upon request.

    I don’t question the other Guru’s abilities or skills, I only question there integrity. They have shown what they would do for a fast buck. If your success is at those levels why sell yourself short. Anyways I assume you posted because you were doing as you were told. Well if that’s the case then I hope you great success with CPA because it seems you desperatly need it.


  47. says

    Nam, its great if you are gung-ho on this course but it is definitely NOT for newbies. If he would have came out and said.. hey guys, this is not for newbies, you need certain amount of online ande PPC experience, then maybe a lot of others wouldn’t be so down on this course.

    Another point is if he is so successful, then why is he opening up the doors to thousands of others, last thing you want is more competition if you have such a good thing going.

    My 2 cents.

  48. SEORundown says

    Daniel, TAS, Nam,

    I know you are trying to promote this product. It seems you are riding on the fact that it is backed by all the top Guru’s. Well guess what… Jerry West was invited to the “Guru” seminar in Las Vegas. He is very well acquainted with Brad Fallon. He could have very well been an affiliate, “guru”/partner, and done the testimonial. He chose not to because is level of integrity. He is also very aware of the content attached to this product and he objected to it because it is one sided. Next time when you our proud to promote this product because of the big names, remember Jerry West was a BIG GURU and is in the same status as the rest of others.


  49. Lee says

    If you any of you guys remember or if any of you were a part of John Reese’s (Reese Report) can point that the Arbitrage Conspiracy is exact same thing that John spoke about. As a matter of a fact I am listening to the CD right and John explained everything clearly when it comes to Lead Generation. Arbitrage Conspiracy will probably teach you some new techniques but nothing you can’t figure out on your own if have a little bit of common since.

  50. says

    For all of those that are getting on Jerry’s case about being “negative” ask yourself instead:

    “Why is Jerry West the ONLY well known marketer saying something negative about this product?”

    Nothing in life gets universal praise and acceptance…nothing…accept, that is, for the latest guru backed product launch.

    It’s just not natural.

  51. says

    Another thanks Jerry for speaking your mind.

    Have you guys listened to the promo video on their launch site? It’s got Aymen speaking, and he’s going on so fast it sounds like he’s sounds like he’s on drugs.

    Just a good listen to his voice had my alarm bells ringing!

    Guru’s are self made. They will continue to pursue wealth and profit. Most of them are so busy i don’t feel they take the time to check out program launches before they attend (& promote) them.

    I’m sure it won’t be long before some of them separate themselves from this $$$ making product.

  52. jeff D says

    whats up with the money back after 30 days if your not satisfied? does anyone know bout this? havent heard any comments. I am a newb and am still researching the ac. sounds pretty bad from yalls pov. its very hard to tell, but sounds like a let down for folks so far. I was kinda excited until I hit this page. some one also claims the garantees have changed. can they do that? im afraid if i bought it they’d screw me on the 30 day return somehow. but if i could pay for the program with what i make on it, it d be worh it.any thoughts?

  53. nam nguyen says

    SEORundown.. I’m just a regular guy who came upon this site. I have nothing to gain from promoting it, only extra “competition.” But, I wanted to post my thoughts because.. Yes, it was a heavily hyped product, and yes it was a classic “Mass Control” launch. However, it is really possible to make money from CPA. Its one of those areas, where a lot of people did overlook. We did forget, you don’t need a product or a list. Those programs has been around quite some time. I find those networks to be hard to grasp, so if a guy who’s making 50 k, can teach me something about it, I’ll be glad to invest the 2k and time. But, I agree, it shouldn’t have been targeted at newbies. Just because you don’t have to build a list or product, doesn’t mean its primed for you. You still gotta deal with PPC, and traffic generation. A whole DIFFERENT ANIMAL. But I do appreciate Jerry West, I really understand the meaning of this blog now. NEWBIES BEWARE, its really not worth investing, if this is your first Internet Marketing go. Its a great product launch, but great launches are FOOLS GOLD sometimes.

  54. Jerry West says

    Quote: “I think “It’s better to travel hopefully than to arrive”.”

    I am impressed someone quotes Robert Lewis Stevenson. It is good to know there is still culture in the world. :-)

    According to the sales copy, the reason why Aymen is releasing this information is because he is going to start his own CPA network and wants to fill it with affiliates.

    Running a CPA network isn’t easy, just ask Keith Baxter ( Most of your time is spent battling fraud, but think about it. If you were going to start a CPA network, would you want a bunch of newbies who are still wet behind the ears in CPA? Or would you want to get people who are making $100k+ annually and teach them how to double or triple their earnings with your techniques?

    It’s a no-brainer, right?

    In other words, why market this course in this fashion? Here’s how I would have marketed it:

    – Charge $25k for the course (personally tutored by Aymen)
    – Upon hitting $25k in commissionable earnings, they receive their $25k back with a two year agreement in Aymen’s network.

    This way, you only get serious applicants who have a proven track record in CPA. Newbies won’t join because the price point is too high (which is the intent) and you end up working with a few dozen instead of a few thousand – thus allowing the program to be more successful.

    If the goal is to build out a network, this is how you do it. You don’t stock it with newbies. The reason they sold this package without an ounce of real proof of the $100k a day for $2k was to work on people’s emotions and give them hope in a market that many are getting out of as you pointed out by Aaron Wall (

    This maybe the most refunded launch ever.

  55. says


    Thanks for the information and feedback. A few questions if you don’t mind.

    1. Why do you think AC is a bad package for a newcomer? Do you think it’s too complex? Incomplete? What do you see is the drawback?

    2. If you wanted to learn CPA marketing today, from scratch, what would your recommendation be?

    3. Realistically, if someone wanted to learn and create even $200 – $300 in net profit per day, what sort of funds would they need to realistically set aside, assuming their marketing and copy writing skills are decent?

    Thanks Jerry.


  56. says


    On a (mostly) unrelated note – I’m curious if you have any opinion on Eben Pagan’s “Get Altitude” program. I know this has nothing to do with AC, PPC or CPA (except for the fact that Pagan was one of the gurus “plugging” for the AC), but I’m curious because once again I can’t seem to find any independent opinion on it. It looks like a pretty good system to me…especially since you can pick it up on eBay for less than $500…but any feedback would be greatly appreciated.


  57. steve says

    This post is for nam nguyen, Nam, and those who do believe in the Arbitrage allow me to say simply this:
    I AM one of those “NEWBIES” as far as CPA/CPC/Affiliate marketing, whatever you want to call it, but I’ve owned 2-businesses and am 39+ years of age with a Bachelors degree and yada, yada, yada. My point is this, I have been around the block a time or two as well and I get a good “gut feel” about these guys and I won’t say that I can afford to drop $2K for naught, but what fine print is everyone referring to? I believe there is a ton of crap floating around and have also been close to making a bad “net” purchase a time or two myself but read a ton of threads, etc and was able to thwart those bad buys, but…like politics and general life, there are more people who fail to remember that 20% of the people make 80% of the revenue, I want to be one of those 20%.
    If anyone wants to talk to me then send me an email to: without the crap and I’ll gladly talk on the phone. Also, if those who made the single payment already of $2k have any doubts, do a friggin’ charge back and carry on with your mediocre lives and do what the “sheeple” do. So do, some don’t, so what, move on!
    The old adage, “tis better to have loved and lost than to have never loved at all”, holds true with business, life, whatever.
    For those that try every little thing that comes across your inbox, and it might work and likely won’t, life will always be the same, BORING and MUNDANE, again, focus and put all the effort into something and you will succeed.
    I am going ahead with this and agree with Nam, it’s great to have a democratic society, but as some point, you need to get thyne hands off of the wheel and grow a pair!
    Sorry for the rant all!

  58. says


    I love your newsletter and as a paying subscriber I pay attention to your content. For SEO your stuff is great.

    The launch did not run smoothly and I also detest insincere Guru hype.

    Since I was NOT at Las Vegas I was not exposed to all the hype. I have however been working closely with Aymen for six months and I do have the course blueprint.

    Hype aside, I think the $2k is a bargain for people who are ready top step up CPA a little more. You can’t buy knowledge from people like Aymen cheap. He is a genuine and knowledgable marketer.

    Both you and Aymen are people who I learn from and respect. Generous, caring and clever.

    I hope people look beyond all the negativity and controversy and make a fair decision. Your blog post may cause someone to miss out on a great opportunity for no reason other than unfounded fear.

    It is not a scam and it is not a rip-off if you are ready for CPA and you think you can get more than $2k back from your investment.


  59. Kevin ORiley says

    Shame on Jerry for criticizing this product, when it was the entrepreneurs that have been feeding his family for years, that are developing it.

  60. says

    Aymen’s reason for sellinig the product is actually clearly stated: he is opening his own CPA network and wants trained and effective people in on it.
    I’m not saying “buy Arbitage” but this seems to make sense.

  61. Steve Ligon says

    In order to get the refund and extra $500.00 you have to do two campaigns per day over the 12 weeks of the course. So if we use “normal” business hours, that is five days a week at two campaigns a day over 12 weeks, or 120 campaigns. If you test with just $100.00 per campaign, you’ll run through $12k.

    Since you are a newbie, and they state right in the fine print that you will fail more often than you succeed in the program, they never plan on you getting that far.

    Instead of doing 120 campaigns, you might do 20-30, which doesn’t put you eligible for the $500 back.

  62. Jerry West says


    The reason the package is a bad choice for a newcomer is the CPA market has seen a decrease in margins, and what they did not discuss in Vegas is the 30% or so “scrubbing” of leads which can take a profitable campaign and make it a loss.

    I’ll be putting out more comments next week after Christmas. Plus, the timing of this launch is just wrong. You don’t want to get into something new in a recession. In fact, I have stopped all of my CPA projects because they are all down right now due to the markets.

    Jeremy, I have not gone through Eben’s course so I can’t comment on it. I have met Eben on numerous occasions at StomperNet Live events and have always been impressed with him.

    James, thanks for the note. You obviously have a different perspective as you have talked to Aymen. I have attempted, but couldn’t get anyone to call me back. I have nothing against Aymen personally, my issue was the launch, how it was misrepresented and how it was just basically injected with hype during a recession.

    Nancy, I will say it again. The free course will be released before the end of the year.

    Kevin, not sure what you are referring to here. CPA and affiliate marketing is what has fed my family over the years. And if I wanted to make a quick $20k, I would have promoted this product. However, I don’t promote anything I don’t believe in – regardless of the money that is offered, including bribes. :-)

    Daren, actually, that doesn’t make sense. If Aymen really wanted to build a CPA network, he would go after seasoned CPA marketers, not newbies.

    Steve, seems you have just quoted me and not added anything … intentional?

  63. Steve Ligon says

    Not so fast my friend, you don’t get your money back with $500.00 extra ,so easily. You have to run 2 campaigns per day for 12 weeks of the course. If you spend $100.00 per per campaign for 5 business days a week, over 12 weeks, this is 120 campaigns. You can go through 12,000 dollars this way. Are you ready to go through 12K so easily ?

    Steve Ligon

  64. Steve Ligon says

    I was trying to leave a reply for a specific post, since they did not bother to read from the top down and missed your original reply… :-)

  65. Jerry West says


    Thanks for the clarification. It often happens, people will blind themselves when they believe an opportunity is a life-changing event. The problem is, the it is usually life-changing in the negative fashion.

    There isn’t an African prince with $20 million to give you just as Aymen isn’t profiting $100k a day in CPA.

  66. Chris says


    This is on an unrelated topic. But i value your honesty so i want to know your opinion on this.

    I have heard a lot of hype about Keith Baxter and his “Dark side of CPA” course, he claims its the real deal that helps people make unbelievable amounts of money unheard of mainstream. He kinda sounds like the AC sales page.

    What do think of it. Is the hype real there? Does his course work?

  67. Angela Casey says

    Thank you Jerry West..You have pursuaded a lot of people not to buy this course.. That’s a lot less competition for me!!

    I’m definitely buying it!!

    Worst that can happen is I’ll be out $2,000, but damn I’m already out over $70,000 from going to a school and getting a bs education for a corporate job that I hate..

    So, $2,000 for a 12 week course sounds about right..

    Keep up the good work Jerry..

  68. Randy says

    I can understand your concern.. I to was ready to jump on the conspiracy and gld I have cae acroos jerry comments..

    Thanks jerry.

    Anyway pauline, I did run across a programfor the complete newbie where ya can make a realistic 540.00 a day .. You can even make that multiple times a day..

    It is run by a guy named jason pearson who is alos a big named marketer.

    Pretty simple program.. 1 time 260.00 make ya 540.00 over and over..

    First thing is to go here

    Second thing is to listen to this audio and do what is says!

  69. afiq says


    ok ok, lets do this. we wait for mike or anyone else that join the course. wait till they make profit from them. then, we should know if this thing work or not.

    if it work, forget the hype, the launch strategy.

    if it work, we buy it. if not, forget arbitrage conspiracy..

    PS: do arbitrage conspiracy limit their course to the quota?? 1000 people for example..? or do they have expired date? i mean they will close the course and no one will be able to join them??

  70. says

    I signed up for the course, and after listening to the 1st pre-training, and looking at the back office, I can tell you that I’m very glad that I did.

    I’m an experienced internet marketer, and have done well online (mostly using Howie type web2.0 tactics) But, I can tell you this… sometimes it would be nice to have someone tell you the actual DETAILS of how they do something.

    That is exactly what Aymen is promising to do… and that is what he DID do on the initial call.

    And, I’m talking DETAILS like EXACTLY what to say to get your CPA apps approved. Step by step how to setup your PPC accts. He even throws in little things like telling us to get a credit card with the best rewards/points, and to use that for your PPC.

    He was upfront with people telling them that he got started w/ $50 bucks but that you would realistically need $500 for PPC. AND, he stressed that the emphasis will be on keeping costs low, getting into profit quickly, and that he would be “holding your hand” every step of the way.

    In fact, he told the more experienced marketers that we will have to be patient the 1st several weeks of the course because he will be making sure the newbies are not left behind. And he told the newbies that they will have to work harder, and listen repeatedly to the recorded webinars as they are posted . (Yes, he told people that there would be work involved, and that they will have to take action.)

    I don’t know how to explain it, and I’m not a “woo-woo” out-there type of person…

    but I have a really strange “peace” about this course. There is something in Aymen’s voice. He’s either one heck of an actor, or he is genuinely sincere in his belief that he can teach what he is doing to others. Thank you James for confirming that my “gut feel” is correct on this.

    And, Angela… your comments remind me of what I was thinking while sitting at the Texas A&M graduation last weekend. Looking out over those 3000 graduates who just got their degrees + huge college debt, I was thinking they will be lucky to find jobs paying $25k per year in the current economy.

    For those of you who want to continue to scratch and dig trying to figure everything out for yourself, do NOT buy this course.

    For anyone else who wants to learn from a master, I suggest you buy the course while it’s still open.

    Mari Ann

    P.S. After signing up for the course, I also became an affiliate. And, that has not run as smoothly as I would have hoped. But, I’m also an affiliate for Dan Kennedy, and his recent launch did not go off as planned either. (in fact it was delayed by a week).

  71. says


    I’ve known Keith Baxter for many years and he owns a CPA network called Modern Click. I haven’t seen Keith’s course, but if there is someone out there who knows all about CPA it is Keith. He definitely knows about the “dark side” of CPA as he experienced it first hand with his network.

  72. says

    Mari Ann,

    My objection to this course is not the content, but how it was billed and marketed. It is billed on how to make $100k a day in CPA. Not a basic course in how CPA works and how to get approved by CPA networks, which is available basically anywhere for free. And I do hope he is going to give you better tips than using a credit card with reward points. That’s Business 101.

    If Aymen would have promoted this course as a way to make $100k+ a year in CPA I would have promoted it. But $100k a day? He doesn’t have the numbers to support those earnings, thus it becomes nothing but a hype machine.

  73. Brian says


    Thanks for portraying the potential money trap this program is offering and the less than straight-forward truth by the sellers who need to be more honest and up front with the risks involved for starting out. It is indeed a CONSPIRACY. A conspiracy to relinquish money from “newbie’s” who can get into financial constraints when they don’t know any of the promoters & marketers involve, and the array of long range costs.

    My wife got me interested in this offer, however, after reviewing what I felt to be a “pop-corn and cool-aid” type web site. I had my doubt that any honest professional was behind this promotion. Especially with the selling price! Yes, I did make the first of three payments…however; I am endeavoring to get my money back before I’m even started. I’ve been here before and I see nothing but a bottomless hole to purchasing more software, coaching, and other un-named logistics to make the kind of money being flaunted.

  74. says

    Thanks Mari Ann for pointing out that Aymen has now told his buyers that they ‘realistically’ need to put up $500 for PPC not $50 like I heard him mention on the pre-launch call. I hope he doesn’t expect people to invest that much on every campaign before they could prove a refund claim.

    Quite possibly the content of AC will be valuable; it is the launch that doesn’t sit well with me. A certain level of hype is expected, in fact that can be fun but when it starts to get to the point of insulting people’s intelligence, treating them poorly and preying on newbies then I really get upset to the point of blogging about it!

    ‘Internet hype gone mad’ is all too common and I think the people involved in this launch just went that little bit too far; their conscience seems to be lacking at the moment IMO.

    I understand that others feel good about AC and not everyone is as sensitive about these types of things as I am. I really do hope that everyone who has invested in AC has great success with it.

  75. says

    “WebGuy” you are kidding right? How is it you are the ONLY one here standing up for this course? Might you have a vested interest?

    Bottom line – I’ve know BOTH Jerry and Brad Fallon for a number of years.

    Brad thought so highly of Jerry’s expertise that he and Andy Jenkins asked Jerry to come and lend that expertise to StomperNet.

    So if Jerry gives a poor review of the Arbitrage Conspiracy – but STILL “works” for SN, what does that tell you?

  76. Iswan says

    All of this CPA will be works if you know how to play with Pay Per Click (PPC). Not just knowing the basic ‘how to’ towards PPC marketing, but you must be an expert to play with PPC first before embarking into the world of CPA.

    I’m figuring out that the Arbitrage Conspiracy must be concentrating more about managing a lot of PPC campaign in one times. I recommend for those who have intention in subscribing Arbitrage Conspiracy, better to learn first what is PPC all about. Know what the obstacles, difficulty and software involved in PPC, then you will know whether this conspiracy is suit with you. Just search with yahoo or google about PPC marketing, then subscribe with their newsletter.

    Yes, this Arbitrage Conspiracy works well with experienced Internet Marketer, and yet works for newbies too if they works more time on it. Well, discipline and consistent is a must attitude in any venture we took.

    If you get used with 9 to 5 job, then change your working attitude to 12 hours a day job to be successful in CPA world. That is commitment is all about. Making time when there is no time.

    Impossible doesn’t mean that you can’t achieve it…
    Impossible mean that you not yet find the right way to achieve it..


  77. Mike L says

    I bought the course, because I figured I could review it and If I didn’t like it I would refund it. In the sales page it stated that you would get a full refund after reviewing the entire course. It also stated if you went passed the 12 weeks you would be protected by guarantee #2 if you followed ALL of there instructions. After you are a member you get taking to there page and if you search around you see that the guarantee states that you only have 30 days from the original purchase date. I emailed them several times and didn’t get a response. Finally they responded and stated that the sales letter guarantee that I signed up was not the correct one. Well the course has not even started and my guarantee is almost up. I requested a refund. This is really a scam!

  78. Duane says

    You commented that we have to be an EXPERT with pay per click…
    I trying to learn this (but not the hard way!)
    Any suggestions for beginners?
    This is almost impossible to wade through with all these new, hyped products out there…
    Please reply

  79. Jerry West says

    Free Course signup is online – an email was sent out to all those on the Free newsletter list.

    Duane, you might want to check with Dan Thies ( and Perry Marshall. Both of whom I have learned PPC from and I highly respect both … as both are NON-HYPE because what they do actually works.

  80. says


    You and I, and maybe a few others, are the only ones telling (blogging) the truth about this “Arbitrage Conspiracy” BS.

    Firstly, its insanely overpriced, and the way they rolled out just smells like a “Barker at a Bazaar”

    In fact there is another product out, which I won’t mention here, that does the same thing, essentially, for $1900 less!!

    Thanks for your honesty,


  81. ron says

    Hey, James, what are you gearing up to promote to these people…I see you have a free front end product. Whats the back end one.

    I dont care for those who just want to do a smear campaign on someone else.

    What ever, what ever, when you make money instead of wasting time on a forum then tell me how it doesnt work for us. Until then dont spread a bunch of pre launch hype of your own.

    I’ve look at some of the actual course Aymen and the rest are teaching. I can tell you it looks great to me.

    As, for price you get what you pay for… I will go ahead and make money doing CPA. Why, not while you complain and bitch about how lousy someone else’s course is……

    Jerry, whats up with you. Go ahead spread more and pile it higher. It, will get you a long ways. ….


  82. Jennifer says

    Nice try Jerry. Too bad you forgot to mention that there is a 100% money back guarantee plus and extra $500 just for having tried the course.

    Guess it must really hurt the ego when a youngster like Aymen beats a guru at his own game. Take a load off.

    Best regards,

  83. says

    My good friend Howie was right about you…

    You’re one of the no-BS guys out there.

    Thanks for posting this for others…I had a few associates/friends of mine also beep me asking if this was real, and I gave them similar advice…

    Really, what is so ground-breaking about “buy or generate traffic as cheaply as possible, send directly to good converting offers”


  84. Nancy says

    I have been unable to locate the free course sign-up. If you could direct me to the page, I would appreciate it.


  85. Sri says


    I am new to this CPA stuffs. I know few things about PPC marketing as I have been promoting few products through adwords for the past 2-3 months. I am not into huge profits yet but doing just fine.

    This Arbitrage Conspiracy exposed me to the CPA world. But I always felt that this course was over-hyped.

    ThanksJerry for the post. I atleast have someone who thinks the same. :)

    Jerry you have mentioned that your course is Online. Where can I access it? Someone please tell me.. :)


  86. Brad says

    You guys are all a bunch of suckers. Oh thank you thank you for saving me you are so honest my good friend blah blah blah (vomit)…you guys are pathetic. Some people critisize something to make you think they are doing you a favor. Once they have your confidence “they” take your money. If Jerry was there for 40 minutes and then left he doesn’t really have a clue as to what was covered over 3 days now does he. Don’t be so foolish as to take one persons word on this. Think about it. There are a lot of big names involved in this. They have reputations they don’t want to ruin over one deal like this. I am not saying there is no hype and it may be over priced but if they don’t want a class action lawsuit on there hands they will have to deliver on what they claim. These guys are not that stupid.

  87. Jerry West says


    The “big names” all were paid to give testimonials. Think about that. I am not selling anything and I know everything that was covered as my business partners stayed for the entire day. But if you had read the entire post you would have known that.

  88. Brad says

    I’m sorry to come off so harsh Jerry but I have heard so much criticism of the AC and I think a lot of it is unwarranted. Many in the warriors forum are bad mouthing this program and don’t have a clue as to what the program is even about yet. They use it as a way to promote themselves and that just gets under my skin. I am neither promoting it or dissing it. Time will tell. People who go though the course will talk about it. Peter Dudek was at the convention to and has a great video.
    I think anyone interested at an inside review on this should check out the video. It’s on You tube. Jerry with regards to you saying you are not selling anything-you are promoting this blog which if you have any business sense at all are monetizing it somehow. I seriously doubt you are working on this post for smiles and giggles. :)

  89. Jerry West says

    Thanks for clarifying Brad. My issue with the program is not the content, but for how it was promoted. Aymen is not pulling $100k a day, not even close. Had they promoted it as a way to make $100k or more a year in CPA, you know, I may have promoted it. But when you claim to make $36M in profit a year, you don’t show checks for $800.00 on your sales page or even $40,000 checks. You show $5M checks.

    There aren’t any checks that large or they would have been posted. That is why showing checks off is B.S. – you don’t know what it took to make that check. It could have been a loss. If you want to show proof, show your tax returns.

    It isn’t what you make, it is what you keep.

    My red flags went up when they weren’t teaching any advanced techniques and it was all recycled content from other programs. Then when you pay people for their testimonials, that sends up more red flags.

    You might think I am doing this to monetize this blog. Hmmm. Just checked my AdSense stats and I made $3.58 today. Doesn’t sound like much monetization to me.

    Could it be that maybe, just maybe, someone is looking to “give back” to the community. It could happen … even in the IM space.

  90. shukree says

    Ha Ha.

    This guy Jerry is a joke. And he seems really bitter and mad. I wonder why? I have the course and I love the info so far. It would have took me a lot of money and time to figure this out. This guy isn’t teaching this stuff and he’s pissed, even jealous.

    Get a life Jerry.

  91. says

    For once I would like to see someone who posts negative comments to include a full name, a real email address (a non-free one) and a URL.

    Yeah, I am jealous, pissed, bitter and mad over an over hyped machine.


  92. Shukree says

    Jerry, what your saying does add up.

    You are so skeptical of this guy Aymen and expect no one to be skeptical of you.

    Are you teaching CPA marketing?

    Do you have a course your selling that can teach others how to REALLY make money at CPA marketing?

    What do you have to offer besides bashing a course you haven’t seen?

    What are your motives?

    Why would any sane person fly out to Vegas and only stay for 40 minutes and storm out only to start bashing the guy without having seen the whole course or info?

    How do you know he’s not making that kind of money?

    Why should anyone believe you?

    How do we know you really went to Vegas?

    Maybe your a compulsive liar?

    Why would you walk out?

    Seems like a waste of time or maybe your just a liar or an idiot. ( I hope the latter)

    Why are you sooo mad???

    I’m skeptical of a lot of things.

    I am especially skeptical of you.

    Maybe I should get a refund from Arbitrage, cross my fingers and wait and hope for your course to come out because your such a great guy that you will teach me for free.


    If anyone didn’t buy the course because this guy didn’t like the first 40 minutes of a seminar, your an idiot and should consider keeping your day job.

  93. Casey says

    Hi Jerry,

    I bought the course long after I saw this. Even though I have yet to feel any regret, the first week content is pretty basic. Nothing new so far and nothing spectacular.

    I don’t think anyone (maybe except for the seasoned marketers) will get the $500 because you need to start testing from day one.

    They haven’t thought anything on quality score yet and they tell you to just slap in the keywords into adwords and start testing 2 campaigns per day at a maximum budget of $20 and maximum cost per click of $0.25. The max cost per click was not based on anything (not half of the maximum bid like stompernet teaches)

    Then again you pay $800 per month for stompernet. If you’re a beginner, you’re not likely to recover. Stompernet doesn’t give you $800 per month content.

    In stompernet you’ll be struggling to keep up with a month’s content and most months would be for nothing. For $800 a month you get a certain amount of credit which you’ll need for some of the stuff. If you want to get everything from stompernet those credits won’t be enough and you need to buy more.

    But can you really buy more credits? Maybe you can now but the last time I checked it’s still in progress.

    So that’s $800 per month and you may need to spend more. If you don’t buy credits then there is really little value from the membership.

    Yes you get coaching and some of the cool tools like S***E(it takes weeks to approved for this one so you need to stay longer and pay more to take advantage of it) and Super********** (I dont want to expose it) but do you honestly think that’s worth $800 per month?

    Plus the customer service is seriously slow especially for the amount of money you pay and sometimes it takes months before you get a reply to your forum post. I think there’s far more hype in stompernet than anywhere else and it’s a whole lot more expensive.

    If you do the mathematics, comparing it with 12 weeks AC, stompernet would cost you 800 x 4 = $2,400 for the same amount of time. You also need to stay longer to learn more and get the best out of it.

    And if you’re out of credits you’re doomed. Time to get out and lose everything. Stompernet also is not for beginners. It’s for the rich and advanced internet marketers. Full of hype.

    Then there’s the risk of what you pay for being given away to the public for free like STSE2.

    Stompernet is big but they’re also taking advantage of newbies.

    Your thoughts please Jerry. This one you can review because you’re in it.

  94. says

    Hey Casey,

    In my view, you can’t compare the two as AC is just covering CPA marketing, while StomperNet covers basically everything. The reason I joined the Stomper faculty and still am still a part of it today is the quality of the faculty. Look at our SEO roster: me, Leslie Rohde and Dan Thies. Then on PPC, I think only Perry Marshall could be slated as knowing more than Dan Thies, but in my view, how Dan meshes SEO and PPC together is superior to what Perry teaches. Conversion is David Bullock who was personally mentored by Dr. Kawalic (I hope I spelled that right). Name me someone better at conversion than David Bullock. He is awesome. Blogging and podcasting is Sherman Hu. Social Marketing is Howie Schwartz. I first met Howie as we were competing in the same space and I tracked him down and called him. And I am man enough to say Howie ate my lunch in that market. He’s very good. We also have Ben Mack, Paul Colligan, Andy Edmonds, Mike Stewart, and others.

    I agree, the $800 price tag is a lot, but when you consider the faculty, and ever member has a successful business and there is a faculty call four days a week that members can call in and ask their questions, to me, that is well worth the price tag – getting live answers to your issues direct from an expert in the field. For example, I had mine yesterday. It started at 3pm and ended at 6:30. That’s three and a half hours.

    I do agree with you that two of the areas that Stompernet needs improvement is in customer service and in organization. There are often times I can’t find my own material. But they are working on it and they also have a group of moderators who are incredible and if you post a note in the forums stating, “I am looking for this piece of content” they reply back with the URL.

    And they also consistently come out with new courses to help your business. Such as Formula 5, which you should check out and at least get the free PDF. They sent me the course and I have been going through it and I’ve seen revenues increase.

  95. Casey says

    I agree stompernet is awesome. I appreciate the likes of Dan Thies, Ben Mack and Don Crowther. I never got the chance to look at Steve Howie’s social marketing stuff.

    I absolutely love what’s inside stompernet. The opinions in stompernet from everyone is the most reliable I can find. It’s just the price tag I don’t love. People who can have their work outsourced can only do good with stompernet.

    I’m also aware that there are a lot of success stories coming out of stompernet. It’s just not possible for one guy to digest the whole $800 worth every month. There’s too much to do just from a month’s content.

    And I still say the credit system sucks. For the $800, the credit system shouldn’t even been there. You need to be careful with your credits or else when a course that you really want comes out you wont be able to get it. I’m in a dilema. I don’t have many credits left and I want to learn Dan Thies’ ppc stuff. But the course is relatively old and there are so many other course that require my credits. If I spend everything on Dan’s stuff I won’t have any left for the new stuff so I’ll be paying 800 per month for the old stuff or the ones that are credit free (plus all the faculty call stuff of course). All that’s left for me to do then is wonder what the new stuff is all about. STSE2 require credits for access while other people get it for free. Now there’s Ultra, also requiring credits.

    I need to know if it’s worth spending the credit on Dan’s old ppc stuff and pass all the new stuff so I can apply it to the arbitrage conspiracy. Please advice?

    As for Formula 5, I’ve roughly gone through it. To tell you the truth I’m no one in the internet marketing world. I can’t even get a decent amount of traffic.

    Formula 5 is more about business. It’s not for beginners. It’s not even for affiliates. e.g. You can’t increase the price of affiliate products so that people perceive it as being of higher value.

    I’ve also never seen any course on CPA in stompernet. Maybe I missed it. Maybe stompernet thinks marketing CPA offers is a waste of time or maybe they just don’t have the expert for it. Not yet anyway.

    Again, should I spend all that’s left of my credits on Dan’s old ppc stuff (it’s from 2007! and it’s 10 credits to boot)? I think on the last Going Natural series in 2008 Dan taught some new PPC tactics but when I look at the portal I couldn’t find anything new. I wanted to know more of the PPC stuff that saved Brad’s business like in the going natural videos but it’s not there. Where is it? Is the one on the going natural video all there is? Is it just hype to lure people in?

    I’m beginning to think business is all about hype especially the internet marketing business. They’re the experts in selling the experience more than just selling the products. In that sense stompernet is no different than AC but AC might have overdone it too much. Who knows?

    If AC does well this might backfire on you. If. I hope not because you’re just being honest and I respect that and sincerely hope you stay that way.

    If AC doesn’t go well then it would really hurt Brad, Eben, Shawn and others. Brad and Shawn claims to have seen him log into his account and witnessed his numbers and verified that Aymen did make that much money per day. I dont know if it’s true. I bought the damn thing because I’ve never seen anyone offering to teach CPA and the masters of hype got where they want. They hit the nerve that moved my hand to fill in my credit card details.

    I don’t really care for Mike Filsaime though. He’s the grandmaster of the grandmasters of hype and most if not all of his products suck in my opinion. I’d stay away from him as far as possible. If he wants he can sell dog shit for a million bucks per bag and people will think it’ll be the best smelling perfume ever, until they actually smell it for themselves.

    I almost didnt want to buy AC just because I saw him giving a testimonial. But at least he honors his guarantee.

    Would you believe that the grandmaster of hype is the number 2 affiliate next to Shawn Casey?

    Sorry this comment is getting too long and off topic but you probably wouldn’t mind some long tail keyword ranking would you?

    Well I’m looking forward to your reply Jerry, especially on whether I should spend the credits on Dan’s stuff. If not you can just email me.

  96. Jerry West says

    I would go through Dan’s stuff. While it might be old based on the date, not much has changed in PPC. I still use his stuff to train my people and it is VERY effective.

    If AC does well, it won’t back fire on me as my reason for speaking out on it was the way in which it was marketed. It was marketed as a system to make $100k a day. And it never achieved that.

    So, they are teaching a system that can make $36M a year for just $2k.

  97. says

    I actually purchased “AC” the day it came out and so far I have been pretty happy with the course. I am still somewhat skeptical about what the actual outcome will be after the 12 week training but at least I will give it a shot. You DO have a full money back guarantee after the 12 week course. So if anything if this doesn’t work out you will get your money back plus $500 on top of that. I don’t understand how so many people can doubt that it will work without actually going through the whole course. If you are a true entrepreneur than you will see that all you really need is the right mind set. Instead of creating all these obstacles on why this program will fail why not ask yourself how it will succeed?
    I am very familiar with CPA and have a solid background on the industry. I have been doing web marketing since I was 15 and back when I still had a dial-up connection. In any case I will do periodic posts on my blog regarding the progression of my “AC” training so you can get more informed there.

    Email me if you want some more inside scoop on “AC” that I really cant post publicly.


    PS. i was not sent by “AC” to post this nor did they pay me to :-)

  98. Casey says

    Great Jerry. But I don’t have enough credits to go through the whole ppc stuff. What one topic if I can only choose one?

  99. Nathan says

    I have been reading about this program (and many other internet marketing opportunities) for a while now. I have no internet marketing experience, so I basically live by one rule:

    If I find something that looks promising, I look it up. If I find even ONE negative review about how it’s a ripoff or whatever, I immediately throw that one out the window.

    I just wish there was someone (like you) that would COMPLETE the course and give a full review of how it worked for them. An unbiased person willing to give information to people that don’t know, and aren’t quite ready to throw 2 grand at something they aren’t too sure of.

    I would like to see your progress with it =]

  100. says


    Personally, I think you’re methodology of how you decide to purchase something is a little flawed. Finding ONE negative comment on a product is probably not that hard to do, at least for a product that has been purchased quite a bit. I think it is important to research and read product reviews and take those into consideration when making a decision, but completing discarding something due to one negative comment is a little extreme. I do lots of research and if I followed that methodology, I’d probably never buy anything!

    I did my research on Arbitrage Conspiracy and read all the reviews both positive and negative before I decided to purchase. I reviewed all the comments on this site as well as many, many others. Even with all the negative comments, I still decided to purchase mainly due to the course outline. I don’t really have an extra 2k, but the outline looked really promising and I figured the course was only slightly more than an online college course so I purchased it.

    After the first week of classes, I feel anyone who did not sign up completely missed out. Just in the first week alone which is just an intro to the whole system, I feel like I’m getting my moneys worth and then some.

    I never got that feeling out of any of my college courses nor did I learn specific ways to make money from college. It’s a no-brainer to me.

  101. Jerry West says


    While your intentions are good, I think you missed the point of this entire post. The issue here is not the content, but did the way it was marketed represent the product?

    That’s easy. No it didn’t.

    You can’t market a product which can “make $100k a day” and back it up by showing a check for $800.

    Don’t discount your college education. While it didn’t teach you how to make money, it should have instilled in you traits which will make you a better person your whole life.

  102. Jerry West says


    I have pinged Dan Thies directly for his advise on the “one” video to watch above all others. I am awaiting to hear back from him.

  103. william edwards says

    It has been a long time waiting ,but you are the first that i have really agreed with that these so called gurus, are just piss takers and some con men.I have lost at least $3.5k with these idiots.Great keep up the good work for (us) me who are still trying to make an income

  104. says


    I hear what you are saying about the marketing of the product, and yes I guess I did miss the point of the post. I do agree that the marketing was a little hyped up and may not accurately represent the product, but then again, what products do these days? Quite a bit of we hear on the radio, watch on TV, and read on the Internet is full of these marketing ploys. How many times have you heard Billy Mays in the last week or so?

    The whole point of my post was to urge people to think for themselves and make their own decisions. Don’t always rely on the opinions of others, positive or negative, because whatever the topic is…you’ll find plenty of advocates and opponents. Take each opinion with a grain of salt and come to your own conclusion. I believe far too many people subconsciously look to others to make their decisions.

    Lastly, don’t get me wrong about education. I fully believe college education provides great value in many ways and I also believe I am a better person due to the education I have received so far. I was just comparing the arbitrage course to a college course from a financial perspective. If I’m willing to spend over 1800 for a course on Enterprise Architecture, why would I not spend 2000 for Arbitrage Conspiracy.

  105. says


    I shot an email off the Brad Fallon on Friday entitled “Arbitrage Conspiracy is Killing Your Reputation, Brad” through his Freelinereport site.

    The jest of it was how Aymens people told me I’d be able to sign up Tuesday, when my business partner returned to the US.

    The doors shut, but the AC people blew me off after 3 inquiries. Get a load of that..they wouldn’t take my money:>))..or even respond.

    Surprisingly, Brad emailed me when he realized it was his and Stompers good name being tarnished through AC’s gross negligence and unwillingness to honor their word.

    I faxed him my CC, and to date, have not gotten in after hearing Brads near daily excuse D ‘jour for not following through himself.

    Tonight, I stumbled to this blog, and perhaps I should count my blessings.

    I haven’t been able to read the entirety of the posts, but have you released your course on CPA?

    Question: Reasonably speaking, how much can one expect to spend on CPA at the beginning for it to be viable?

    I’m no newbie, and quite proficient in PPC over the years, but the cash outlay is a real consideration with my other businesses demanding revenue.

    Lastly, since you’re the closest person to Stomper I’ll likely get to, I want to share an award I just won from for best startup.

    Many of the tactics and techniques I learned were gained through your SMARTS program. Here’s the link announcing us as the grand prize winner over hundreds of businesses that initially entered:

    I’ve now got 10,000 reasons to thank you guys at Stomper for all that you do for us little guys:>))



  106. Jerry West says


    I don’t buy “Billy Mays” products for that reason. I expect the product to work as advertised. If there is a lot of hype around it or it is build on untruths or half truths, I avoid it. Period.

  107. Jerry West says


    Congrats on the award and glad to hear the info in Stomper was responsible for a portion of your success.

    I do hope you can work things out with Brad.

    My course has started and you can sign up through my free newsletter.

  108. Anne Davis says

    I bought the Arbitrage Conspiracy. Why?

    Because I know NOTHING about internet marketing and this seemed like a fast (albeit expensive) way to learn a lot quickly and easily.
    Because I need an income of £4K Month and that seemed doable.
    If it turned out to be rubbish, I had 2 exit opportunities.

    I have asked for a refund in week 2. Why?

    Because the presentation is utterly amateurish and unprofessional. (Each video contains about 3 minutes (out of avg. 40)of actual information, punctuated by endless “errrs” and repetition of irrelevent info.
    Because the whole basis of the first 2 weeks is 2 practices that are specifically banned by Google – namely, direct-linking and iframes.
    Because they are operating in a closed, secret environment with muted calls, one-way communication and no real customer service.
    Because it is clear that incomes cannot be guaranteed, regardless of the work you do.
    Because I have learned to smell exploitation. This bunch have one goal; abundance – for themselves.

  109. Gwen says

    In reading all of the comments, I feel at the very least, it makes you think about the decision to purchase arbitrage. It also good to share individual experiences. My problem is for newbies, the training is not quite cler (at least for me). Where are the funds deposited? What is an affiliate account and what are the best companies to sign up with? How can you operate without a website? So many questions and no answers. Also, I am a person that needs step by step visual instructions. If a company is truly customner service there should be no problem getting questions answered. I miss the part that describes hot to get an affiliate account? or where you go to get one. (Told you I am a newbie). If nothing else, I think Jerry should be commended for beginning the discussion and allowing others to share their experience so they can make better decisions.

  110. Wesley says

    Thanks a lot Jerry.
    You’ve just saved me $2000 (or £1,400).

    As an IM newbie, I was sure that AC would be far too advanced for the likes of me and stumbling across this blog convinced me to hold fire.
    Seems that over the coming days and weeks we’ll see a lot more comment from folks duped by the hype.

  111. Tonia says

    I want to thank you as well, Jerry.

    After reading each and every post on here this evening, it has become obvious that I am not alone in thinking that there is something other than sincere mentoring going on behind the AC’s website.

    I bought the program. I am not a newbie and I have used PPC. It was my goal to learn a few new “tricks” that would more than pay for the course.

    Like others have stated, there were red flags in the beginning; however, being an optimistic person I chose to proceed. After these first two weeks, it has become blazingly obvious.

    Like Anne Davis stated above, the tactics that have been taught so far are no-no’s by Google’s standards. So why are they teaching them? It only leads me to question the rest of the program.

    But my biggest concern is the fact that there is no open communication. Everything is one-sided. There is no phone number listed anywhere, no direct email for customer service, nothing. All we get is an online form that never gets answered. I’m quite sure I’m not the only one that has emailed more than once with no response.

    On the calls they state they are bombarded with over 500 emails daily and that they only take the most common email questions and answer them on the videos. If the emails are too overwhelming, then why did they allow so many signups? I think it’s obvious.

    Remember the bonuses promised for those that signed up? Well we don’t get them until AFTER the first 30 days guarantee has passed. So basically they’re playing the “see who holds out longer” game. It’s very unprofessional to promise something and not hold up to it. It was NOT stated that the bonuses would NOT be given out immediately. Apparently, that was one of the many questions because they addressed it on one of the videos as a “common question”. Sad.

    And those that are smart realize that the second guarantee that’s promised at the end of the program is bogus. The rules that must be followed in order to achieve that refund is ridiculous. When I signed up, I did so only counting on the 30 day guarantee. Now I’m wondering how much trouble I will have getting my $737 back. I just sent an email via their online form asking for the refund. We’ll see how quickly they contact me back.

  112. Anne Davis says


    I requested a refund within the 30 days on Tuesday. I have sent two emails and a message from their contact form. To date I have received no reply and no refund.

    Is this a complete scam? I’ll keep you posted.

  113. Tonia says

    I would imagine Jerry would know how to get a hold of this cat.

    I already contacted my bank this morning to alert them of this issue. To be sure my account isn’t debited again, I canceled the card. I suggest you do the same Anne, if you haven’t already.

    I really hate speaking negatively of a program/individual. I’m generally an optimistic person. But when I feel my money is being taken or that there’s a chance of it being taken, I’m sure to speak up about it so that it doesn’t happen to others.

    Aymen… if you or one of your people are reading this, which I’m sure they have, please do the right thing and honor the refund requests in a timely manner. Don’t let greed ruin your reputation.

  114. Tonia says

    I just received an email from AC stating that they will refund me my money. Thank you. For others, here’s the email it was sent from. I did not have this email previously.

    For those that continue on with this program, I do wish you the best of luck.

  115. Tonia says

    I did the 3 month payment plan that was available on the order page. I wasn’t willing to hand over all of my money immediately.

    I also received an email Friday with transaction information on a refund, but as of yet no refund in the bank. I will check today (Monday). If it has been done, I imagine it will show up today.

  116. Nathan says

    So many people with so many VERY DIFFERENT opinions of this program. I’ve heard praises of it and how it’s well worth the money (Joshua) and the rest of the people that said it was too general and uninformative. How can there be such disparities in opinion if this system really is all it says it is?

    If this program was really fool proof with hard work (which I would be willing to give to make some real money), then how can there be such differing opinions?

    Something just doesn’t add up.

  117. Tonia says

    Hey Pete.

    Nothing as of yet. I will give it until tomorrow and then I will email once again. I’m being very patient, but my limits are being pushed.

    I will update if and when I see the refund hit my account.


  118. David says

    Hi everyone and thanks for the useful info.

    I am a new guy trying to get going and I invested in Arbitrage Conspiracy. I am wondering if I have done the right thing now. Opinions please on if AC is a good place to start.

    Then I am worried about refunds. Anne Davies who posted on 19th January – please could you post when you see a refund arrive at your account? Many thanks.

  119. says

    There is nothing wrong with a big launch if the product is solid and provides real value. I paid $2K for Frank Kern’s Mass Control. And I have made back from the info and connection I made at the live event at least $8000+ and I have not even done a new product launch yet, I just applied stuff to my existing products.

    I get tired of people putting down launches,launches are brilliant if you have a great product.

    I also bough Jeff Walkers PLF 2.1+ another $2000 and was worried that it was just going to be the same as mass control. As both deal with launches. How ever the there is so much good content and it is so well explained I think it’s worth every penny!

    No I also bought Arbitrage Conspiracy and really so far I don’t like it I am teetering on asking for a refund or calling my credit card company and having the charges reversed if they don’t give me the refund.

    I have only really watch the first week of videos, but OMG it’s boring, dull and I can hardly stand Aymen and his assistant stammering and shuttering through it and tell you over and over again how great it is. My gut feeling it that it’s not worth the time or money for ME and I should be concentrating my time elsewhere.

    PS: I just sent in a refund request we will see if they honor it. I just get a weird feeling every time I think about this course so I decided to follow my gut. I ma not saying it’s bad for everyone but for me I think my time is better served working on my products and doing my own product launches of quality products.

  120. says

    I got my refund is less than 24 hours. I have to say I don’t think it’s a scam, I just think they need to learn how to present information better, and that as usual the affiliate payout overpriced the course. If it had been only $1000 I might have kept it.

    I am guessing the next version of the course will be better.

  121. says


    The “scam” feeling from those who have posted came from a few issues:

    – the change in the refund policy to 30 days after purchase price, which meant those who bought on Dec. 10th, only had five days to view the course to make a decision since it launched on the 5th … and late in the day.

    – paying affiliates extra to say certain phrases in their video testimonial … which is essentially buying testimonials.

    If they marketed it at $1,000 as a way to add $1,000 a week or more to your business, I think it could have been better accepted.

    But when you market something at a level that currently isn’t being met by the developer of the product, problems occur.

  122. says

    I agree. I really wanted to look at CPA becuase I want to find a net work that will let me send them direct type-in traffic I own 4000 domains. Do you know of any that will do that. I mean google is buying domain traffic now so it’s really the same traffic.

  123. Sonia says

    I also bought AC and have just requested a refund in complete disgust– we’ll see what happens. As a previous poster said, the presentation is utterly amateurish and without much substance, their advice is contrary to Google’s policies and plain common sense and there is absolutely no customer support. The final straw was last week’s training– which consisted of a sales pitch for a KW research tool and one piece of code– that’s it.

  124. Jerry West says

    Sonia, sorry to hear you had a negative experience. Your feelings are very similar to mine, which is why I walked out of the presentation. I was hoping my feedback to Brad would have addressed those concerns. I hope you receive a speedy refund as others have.

    If you haven’t already, you can review my 16 steps to dominate in the affiliate/cpa space and you can sign up for my free course here:

  125. Shukree says

    You guys are idiots. I already quadrupled my initial investment.

    So far I turned $150 into $600 in a week.

    I hope more people get a refund…more profits and offers for me!!!

    What can be so hard about testing offers?

    I had to test 10 offers to find 1 good one now Im making $300-$500 a week.

    Take that profit and reinvest…then do it again and again!!!

    You guys are a bunch of suckers. Quit whining and put the work in.

    I’m gonna put a testimonial page on youtube soon with proof. I just feel sad for you guys who got a refund.

    The course is great. Theres a weekly webinar to answer all the common questions plus a new set of videos every week.

    I dont know what all the negative reviews are about. I guess the 80/20 rule is true.

    Im just glad Im not the 80.

    Thanks Jerry…not!

    (Theres a guy that already made 50k. He had to max his credit card out though.)

  126. Jerry West says

    $300-$500 a week does not equal $50-$100k a day as the course was advertised.

    That’s the bottom line with this post. Plus, your profits right now are nothing more than “paper profits” – you haven’t received a check yet. Wait for “the scrubbing” to take place before you brag about making $24k a year in CPA. ;-)

  127. Shukree says

    Ha ha. Nice One!

    You seem to be missing the point. This is my first week of investing. I’m a Math Major so let be break it down for you.

    I had initially about $500 dollars to invest in marketing and roughly $400 a week to put into a profitable campaign.

    I tested 10 offers and blew roughly $75 bucks to find a good offer.

    Then I spent $150 and made back $400. ( As I’m writing this I just made 3 more sales so now its up to $500. I spent $30 in advertising.)

    Until I get my check next month I’ll continue putting $400 a week into this campaign for the next month. Right now I’m essential doubling my money.

    So $400*4 = $1600 Profit for month 1.

    Add that to my $400 a week marketing budget, this turns into $3200 I have to market for month 2.

    Ill use some money to continue marketing and some of the profit to test new offers.

    Eventually Ill have a portfolio of profitable offers.

    You don’t have to be a math whiz to extrapolate.


    Ad Infinitum

    That’s after 9 months. Of course there’s going to be scrubbing,setbacks,challenges,etc..

    But that’s life dude.

    Oh wait maybe I should just give up and whine, complain, moan, and thank you for saving me from making money.

    Thanks Jerry.

    And to all you losers whining and complaining, keep your day job!

    Anyway I’ve wasted enough time with you losers, I gotta go crank, ramp, and bank!!!

  128. SEORundown says

    Not Yet…

    I just want to say the is by far one of the best sites I have ever been to. Jerry You are simply the CPA King!! I cannot even imagine how much time and money went into that thing. Then you make an offer like that….You’ve lost it, “Your Crazy!”

    Anyways I love your content and look forward to all the things you have in store.

  129. Randy says

    Hey, Shukree,

    You missed the point.

    Until you have a check in-hand (or the cash in the bank), you haven’t made diddly-squat.

    I’ve been doing CPA for awhile, and believe me, the scrub-rate can be murderous.

    But, if you are happy, more power to you. I hope it works out for you.

    But don’t trash those that it didn’t work out for. It is their choice to take the refund and walk away. And it is Jerry’s choice not to support it, for whatever reason.

  130. shukree says

    Maybe your right. My issue isn’t with Jerry…it’s with people who moan, whine, and complain without putting forth the effort.

    Anyway, I’m gonna join Jerry’s program just to see what he has to offer.

  131. Anne Davis says

    You don’t have to be a math major to see the quality of your argument. I feel honoured to read the words of such a great person! Following your impeccable logic I estimate that you will be earning about £300M by 2050. But then again, what’s wrong with selling dreams.

    Just carry on with the course…

    “Errr, Errrr, hi. Hi again ummm, suckers, I mean Arbitragers. Welcome to video ummm, errrr, 549. In this 45 minute video, ummm, arrr, errr I’m going to ummm, tell YOU, errr how to spell ummmmmmmmmm ….. Thesaurus.”

  132. Shukree says

    Hi Anne.

    It seems your pretty pissed for some reason. Did i offend you?

    If so then good.

    You seem to be so hung up on the “presentation” that you missed the actual content.

    And yes, theoretically I would make that much but this isn’t theory this is real life.

    My profits are limited by:

    1. Personal Ambition
    2. Discipline
    3. Investment
    4. Risk Tolerance
    5. Persistence
    6. Time

    I personally could care less if he stutters or doesn’t speak well. I listen and absorb the meaning and take massive action.

    Your success will be based upon internal qualities, not a course.

    Personally I think you have to be either broke or extremely incompetent to not make money.

    What can be so hard???

    Spend $20 – $50 to test an offer.

    With an initial investment of $500, you could test 10-25 offers.

    Do this until you find a good one and repeat.

    If its good make a landing page and track your results.

    Weed out poor performing keywords and bid aggressively on your profitable keywords.

    Test, optimize,test,optimize, etc….

    Sorry Anne you couldn’t get it. I suspect you just don’t have what it takes to succeed.

    I checked out Jerry’s course too. Pretty solid stuff but not in depth like Aymens course.

    Right now I’m learning HTML, and graphic design. I have a background in computer programming and java so it shouldn’t be too difficult. Give me another year at this and I should be making some good money.

    Anne, I suggest you find something and stick to it. If you need any help with anything you can email me me at any time.



    Direct linking IS PERMITTED BY GOOGLE. I’m not sure where you got that they don’t like it.

    Also I Iframe all the time so it’s no problem.

    Of course you might be an older women with kids who wants to follow all the strict rules and obey every thing because your such a good person.

  133. Hunter Smith says

    I have been doing AC for 4 weeks now. Just watching week 5 this weekend.

    I am a complete ppc newbie, but I do have many years of general internet marketing experience.

    As of last night I am currently making 60% of my money back on the first few offers I am testing. So, for every ppc dollar I am spending I am making 60 cents back.

    I am not upset about this one bit. I have learned a lot of information and haven’t even really tweaked my campaigns yet. Although I am still a long way from being profitable, I feel I will reach that point very soon.

    I do share the negatives of others posts here. The content is poorly put together with lots of stumbling in the verbal delivery.

    Also, I noticed the price of keywords have been driven up, in some cases from $1.25 to $4.00, I am assuming is due to the added competition by the other ACV members.

    However, I am still happy I decided to move forward with this course and I don’t feel like my money has been wasted. I will post again in a few weeks to share how I am feeling at that point.

  134. water for gas says

    I don`t want subconscious success. Ok back to my comment.

    I really like the emails you`ve been sending. They`re all flagged and ready to read when I have time.

    I trusted Brad Fallon`s judgment on this. I didn`t buy it, but it did get me interested in CPA. Can`t wait for your book at the end of the year. Was Brad duped by these guys?

    I would be real disappointed to learn that Brad was just feeding us BS.

  135. Jake says

    I am a Newbie , bought Arbitrage Conspiracy – first 6 weeks have made 11,389.29 and I dont even know what I am doing – DONT LISTEN TO JERRY AND THESE OTHER GUYS – THEY ARE ACTUALLY AFFILIATES SELLING ARBITRAGE – AND THEY ALSO WANT YOU TO BUY THERE CRAP

  136. Jerry West says

    Jake, Jake, Jake. You haven’t received a check yet. I’m confused, the product was marketed that you would make $50-$100k a day and you’ve only made $11k in six weeks?


    By the way, it is “their crap” not “there crap” …

  137. water for gas says

    So was Brad feeding us BS or not? You get a feeling for things after you`ve read enough stuff from Guru`s.

    Old Brad has been sending me emails trying to promote a few things–The feeling you get from this is that he`s getting desperate to meet a mortgage payment or something.

    The economic crunch is starting to show up with guru`s promoting stuff that they normally wouldn`t.

    I have a lot of respect for Brad.–But that doesn`t mean I want to pay his mortgage.–

    I think telling the truth in adds is what is going to start drawing traffic in the future.

  138. water for gas says

    Hey Jerry,

    If you happen to still be looking at comments for this page? That PPC Classroom 2.0 is pretty good stuff. That`s almost a trial offer but what i`m getting out of it was definately worth the shipping charge for the DVD.

    So tell me, is Google behind the recent pushing of PPC training programs?

  139. lance says

    is it just a coincidence that in week 3, a week before anyone could get a refund that they released a video of a newbie making 8k a day, with no data backing this up?

  140. Casey says

    Hey Jerry,

    Remember me? You were right. It’s all recycled shit.

    Just wanted you to know I’ve lost respect for Brad Fallon because of this and I know a lot of people who are pissed with the arbitrage as well. In fact I don’t know anybody who is happy with it at all.

    One guy I know did everything as told. I think he tested at least 500 offers.

    Shit! I was doing well until Brad said ‘Stop whatever you’re doing and watch this’. My time would be better spent doing SEO on my sites.

    When I saw Mike Filsaime in the promo, my gut told me that this must be crap but I was too curious. I’m sorry if he’s your friend. Tell him to stop promoting crap. It’s not helping others.

    From now on, if you say something is crap, i’ll believe it. You saved a lot of people a lot of money. I hope you get good karma.

    Thank you for this wonderful post but I should’ve listened to you. hahaha.

    Hey Lance,

    Those testimonials kinda look fake doesn’t it? They’re giving rewards for testimonials and pushing hard for it.

    Watch out, they’re going to launch another one.

    P.S. Jerry it’s not “their crap”, it’s deer crap. That’s what the arbitrage conspiracy is.

  141. Barry R. says

    Hey Jerry,

    I love coming to this site to see the “pros and cons”
    Great content from your subscribers. I joined the A.C. and yes I am a “””””” NEWBIE “”””” Do have experience in website designs ( Html coding ) some graphic art design but very new to the PPC end of things. Hey, I signed up for your course too as I will be taught by two great teachers. I have had success with A.C. and I do understand the dark side of PPC as with any other buisness models—there is always someone with a hand in your wallet and being an owner of several buisnesses outside of E-Commerce stuff you just have to factor those losses into your buisness. I personally have a great accountant that helps me with this stuff—oops getting off track here—-

    I will agree with some of the other members that the videos are less than “high quality” but I do find the material to be good content, whether it is new or old they are teaching me something.

    Jerry, you seem to retort with the same answer for anyone who makes any money with A.C.– you are not making $50 to 100k per day—come on lets be realistic here. The course is now 9 weeks old and I personally am not making super great money but I am making my money back from the initial 2K and $1500 in tools I have had to spend so I am also not at a loss—Everything has been paid for by what they have taught me and I do believe I will now start seeing some profit soon—CRANK–RAMP–Bank—yea, thats how it goes–Ha Ha………………………..

    I do think you were right as this is not for newbies who are not willing to understand that your mindset has to include—I WILL NOT FAIL AT THIS and attack it with dedication and devotion. I have and its working and I don’t think I am real good at it yet- but I will be successful as this is just the way I am approaching this course and to all my other fellow A.C. members…


    Jerry, again I look forward to your course, and you have already sent me the first letter with the basics of what I need, and I already have everything in place so—- dish me up some more success as I do look forward to learning from you too………

    P.S Shukree—You are too funny–love the way you speak and rained all over poor negative “Anne”

    Barry R.

  142. super gas saver says

    My conclusions to all this PPC education is that if you have a dark sun tan and you your first name starts with the letter A then you are market worthy to teach people about Adwords. Ya thats the latest trend.

    I really think that Google is behind the pushing of these PPC courses whether they are free or not.

    Google is the deep pockets on this.

    I would like to see a mini course show up on how to use Yahoo search. I think that is one of those niches
    That someone needs to exploit. Everyone knows how to better use adwords now. Teach us how to use Yahoo.

    Its a lot cheaper and good for the newbies limited budget. A newbie doesnt need all that volume of traffic. Yahoo is just as good for the newbie.

    What do you think? Teach me how to use Yahoo. Come over to the unexploited dark side.

  143. JudiR says

    I actually did buy the course and am a newbie to affiliate marketing. I think the course is excellent for new people as they go step by step through how to find offers and set them up on PPC so you don’t lose a lot of money. I think Aymen and Emmanual have a lot of integrity. They also teach how to get going on Yahoo and MSN (as well as Google).

    I have spent tens of thousands in the past on other MLM and training products with absolutely zero results. This is the first one when I felt like I was really learning what to do and made a little money. One man in the program who was a complete newbie also made $49,000 in 17 days (but he worked his butt off too), and many more people are making some money. Like anything out there, you reap in proportion to the action you put in, and I haven’t been working it as hard at some of the people.

    So, I would definitely have to say that if you’re new at affiliate marketing, that this is a worthwhile course.

  144. Earl says

    Hi Jerry,

    I wish I would have listened to you. I went ahead and invested in Arbitrage Conspiracy, completed the 12 weeks course, following all the instruction they gave. I launched over 170 campaigns and lost $$$. The AC forum survey shows that over 75% of all subscribers lost “alot” of money. Still, AC’s Money Back Guarantee will not apply to most, since the key condition was that students “crank” on average 2 campigns per day for 12 weeks straight, or you cannot apply for the 100% money back Guarantee (#2) + $500 (just for trying…).

    Well, I actually did this, and sent them by e-mail at a .pdf file of my logins. They refuse to respond to my inquiries (7 e-mails and counting within the past week…).

    I wish I would have taken your advice back in December, 2008, but I did not. Do you have any suggestions on how I can get my money back or who I can contact? Unfortunately, AC does not publish an address or phone # (just a P.O. Box in the USA, even though the 2 instructors live in Toronto…).

    Thanks in advance for your (or anyone else’s) advice!


  145. says


    Sorry to hear of your struggles and you aren’t alone with your complaints over their customer service – it’s basically non-functioning.

    They pulled the same thing with the change in their refund policy that Pipeline Profits did, and don’t think it was a last minute change – it was planned the whole way to only give a five day look at the course before getting a refund … then after that you had to jump through all the hoops you outlined.

    Since Brad Fallon was one of the chief promoters and backed the launch, he should be able assist you. Here is his email address:

  146. Earl Bloom says

    Hi Jerry,

    Thanks SO MUCH for the reply. Up to now, you are the ONLY person who has given me any advice as to what to do (besides my Credit Card Company, who has launched an investigation – they are also concerned since AC does not provide a phone number of physical address…).

    Regarding your recommendation, I sent Brad Fallon an e-mail through Facebook a week ago and have not received any feedback. Coincidentally, it was in part based on his recommendation that I jumped into this course (along with the Guarantee, which I naively thought they would honor…).

    By the way, AC has a forum now, and on the forum, there is a poll surveying the results people have had following the course. ~80% of all participants in the poll have lost “significant” money.

    While the 2 people giving the course meant well (I hope), one of the biggest problems was that they split it up into 12 weeks and kept key information until the latter weeks. PPCF 2.0 (which I just invested in for $638) has as much content, but it is provided right from the start – this allow people to go at their own pace, but also prevent major mistakes by “looking ahead” if there is anything that concerns them.

    Thanks again for your reply and hope that others continue this thread.

    FYI – I’ve posted a “Warning” about AC’s Money Back Guarantee on many blogs, just in case they open up the course again, people will be better informed of the “risk” (which you were kind enough to note PRIOR to the course being opened up, of course).

  147. Beholden says

    Hello Jerry,

    As others have expressed, thanks for your course and resources, a good service you are offering to those who haven’t been stung yet, and to console the ones that have.

    The original sales letter many bought from on said:

    “A 100% Money-Back Guarantee
    After you complete this 12 week training course, if you don’t feel it was worth
    every single penny and more of your under $2,000 investment, I will refund
    every give you all your money back with absolutely no strings attached.”

    They refuse to refund the money though. Not a very ethical bunch from my perspective, but what is a guarantee worth these days anyway ?

  148. says

    I would think a copy of that guarantee sent to your credit card company will help you win a chargeback on the payment.

    Their actions on this launch and switching the refund policy have made their ethics, or lack of ethics, pretty clear to those who purchased AC.

  149. Larry says

    Can any of the newbies who have had success please contact me?
    I would like to pay you for tutoring.
    I am a complete newbie too.

    Thanks, you can reach me at

    yahoo .com

  150. Dave says

    I bought the system and have made $39,000 since december working an average or 20hrs a week (actually slightly less now i have found my feet)It’s like anything else in life, if you do little you will get little in return.

    The system is mainly based on common sense and best practice. Aymen has been honest as to why he wants to give this info out, he wants to set up his own CPA network. The maths are a lot better for him. Rather than getting $10 per offer he can get double that but for absolutely no effort on his part. Its leverage at its best.

    As with all things in life and all opportunities the statistics stack up the same, 85% of people will fail at these kind of things (I think thats the right numbers). That is statistically how things work out. Normally this is from most of these people not putting in the required effort.

    Im not for a second saying this system will work for everyone but if you put in the effort and do what they say then you WILL make money.

    Oh and if you dont there is a 100% money back guarantee. If you run the full course and complete all the steps and not made your money back then they will give you an EXTRA $500. pretty bold guarantee for a “scam”

    Thats my 2 pennies worth :-)

  151. Larry says

    Shukree please contact me?
    I would like to pay you for tutoring.
    I am a complete newbie too.

    Thanks, you can reach me at

    yahoo .com

  152. doesitmatter says

    Reading the comments here, I have even fewer qualms and guilt about ripping the torrents of these gurus. Sincerely, these gurus like filsaime and reese are shameless (although in fairness to Reese, he isn’t plugging this program, as far as I know). How much credibility can a guy have when you know he’s going to make a $1000 when you follow his super duper “unbiased” recommendation? Maybe it’s good, maybe it’s bad, but the fact that one of these gurus is raving about tells you NOTHING. I downloaded this product, and sure enough, all the comments are right–it is just basic “good luck with that” crap. The “I was blown away by the material in this course” comments make these gurus look like cheap whores who would sell their mother to make a dime. I’ve downloaded a lot of products (about 180gigs and almost every big name launch product out there), and this one takes the cake for pure hype and shameless promoting by the “in and out for a buck” gurus.

  153. jeff says

    I just watched Aymen’s 1hr+ talk at Yanik’s Underground seminar (on DVD). I was really excited to buy the course after watching him speak. Too bad it’s closed now. I even checked Ebay with no luck. I still want to see it despite the negative reviews.

    Hey doesitmatter, can you help a brother out with a torrent link? ;)


  154. Li Weng says

    Followed this quite closely on the warrior forum, and sadly the results gotten by the people who joined does not look promising, and this is after months of religiously implementing what was taught.

  155. says

    I bought the course and I went through the whole thing twice and found a few things that were good, but it wasn’t even close as easy as their sales letter made it. I tried to get a refund was it was refused. I guess it is “lesson learned” on this one.

  156. Nicholas says

    I was hesitant to post because of time wasting on negative energy but reading Shukree post I decided to put in my two cents. So true: “And to all you losers whining and complaining, keep your day job!” well said.

    I must have wasted over $27, 000 on Gurus Crapolla e-books and the so called programs that never amounted to nothing substantial, worst I was not only wasting money but time too (which is more money duh…). The biggest loser was Ewen Chia’s Supper Affiliate Cloning Program aka (SACP) @ $1500 (to get cloned … LOL) paid for public domain info.

    Have been full time on this IM ever since and noticed it is almost something to be proud of making money on the net and lacking formal education. So I thought that was the problem, I may be too smart so I cannot make money and all these dumb guys are making a killing. (There may be some truth and correlation here) the dumber the student the faster to crack the code. LOL.

    Anyways, at the time when Aymen course came out I was already on my way up and generating reasonable income from my online efforts but it was nothing consistent nor was it large amounts but good enough to pay for my living expenses and some to reinvest in advertising.

    What Arbitrage Conspiracy did for me, in a nutshell, was accelerating everything from getting consistent results (MONEY) to getting larger amounts in revenues on a daily basis. I can show videos and pictures of cheques but that is not the point. Point is nothing works for everyone, some programs work for many some for just a few. AC could work for the majority but one needs to put in the time to Learn, Apply and Profit. PERIOD.

    Truth is most of us are somewhat lazy and get easily distracted, lose focus and in time our beliefs are weakening leading to either giving up or put in minimal efforts therefore mediocre or lousy results.

    I registered two domains to promote Arbitrage Conspiracy Unleashed 2.0 and only use one for now but have many other sites and am basically dominating first 3 pages in Google… for now anyways… for related key phrases. It is a bunch of skills one needs to be successful and needs to treat the online business as a real business BTW, That is all I learned from Ewen Chia’s course ($1,5000 )and worth it, looking back on it;-)

    I’d say AC Rocked in 2008 but AC 2 will make waves and money for a lot of regular folks out there in 2009.

    And Yes, have same feeling as Shukree “I wasted enough time here time with you losers, I gotta go crank, ramp, and bank!!!”

  157. Nicholas Mancini says

    Hey Jerry,

    Great SEO you have here. You even changed my link above (linked to my name Nicholas) to your own site. Cool Man! I always admire great SEO guys and try to learn from them. I also use a lot of automation to do the job I assume you do too.

    Anyways, on the subject at hand, Arbitrage Conspiracy, it is obvious that with any course there is a small percentage of the trainees that become very successful in implementing the material and getting extremely good results, then there is another larger percentage that implement half way and achieve a certain level of success and then there are the plain losers for whatever reasons could not make it work even if you hold their hand.

    I hear the percentage average in Internet Marketing of the ones that succeeded after taking a training course is between 2 to 3 % (not verified by experts …) I also hear Arbitrage Conspiracy rate of success was somewhere between 24 and 26% (again not verified by outside parties) BUT If that is true then Arbitrage Conspiracy must be the best course there is In IM and deserves a five star rating. Capishe?

    So what gives you the right to go out and say “Don’t Buy the Arbitrage Conspiracy – I Was There in Vegas”?

    I hear from witnesses on the spot you walked out 10 minutes after the seminar started. If that is correct then you have as much right to evaluate and bush AC as my dog which was sleeping on a $29,000 white Tiger fur beside me when I was having a cheap Chinese made wine at the time of the Vegas Seminar.

    Anyways that is the beauty of the Internet, anyone jerk can say anything and that includes you and me;-)

    Have a great life and try to be fair, your siblings may thank you more then anyone else.


  158. BakaTare says

    Hey Gerry,

    You are a real piece of work man. You enjoy high ranking by letting users generate your content BUT what do you do for the users who spend time to post?

    You delete their URL links and redirect to your pages. Even is you have the No follow argument on …
    I am learning something every day man…

    Take care and make more money then you can spend.


    Dear sir
    I am a newbi . I came here searching reveiw about Arbitrage Conspiracy , so it is confirm that it is a scam program , right?

  160. roger says

    I joined cpa mindcrime after reading this post.
    There are 9 modules, 3 videos- fortify castle, tools, triangulation method.
    But the one I found really useful : kitchen table copy pdf.

    Is that the complete course or they come like drip?

    I did not see anything on how to set up adwords, yahoo, bing campaigns: search and content.
    How to track:
    How to optimize the campaign:

    I am confused? am sure this is not complete course yet, right?


  161. Nicholas Mancini says

    Yeah.. I know Jerry and the bunch of losers… Jerry you are a piece of work man. I usually look into people’s eyes before I start talking … The light in your eyes is something else … Anyways… “I was in Washington DO Not Buy Obama’s Plan” What is wrong with you? If you were in Italy you would have been …. by now.

    Why rain on other people wedding? We attract who we match with… in this (your case .. losers) Is that what you intended to do when you posted this or just wanted to prove your freaking SEO skills are good? I don’t get it… Are you making money off this. negative sh&&t?

    Anyways, I am sure you are a decent person and look often in the mirror as all decent folks do.

    Wish you make it big one day on the spiritual not just the monetary side.


  162. Brian says

    I did take the first course and ended up getting my refund plus $500.. after I filled out pages of questions regarding what I did for each module of the course. I’m sure that they didn’t even read it as I got the refund very quickly.. it took me a week to finish filling in the questionaire..

    I found the course a lot of information but almost zero support.. I ended up spending about $700 on adwords and getting back $200 so I ended up breaking even.

    I did learn alot about cpa and adwords but never came close to the numbers they talked about..

  163. ross smith says

    Hey ? I found your site by mistake. I was looking in Google for PDF software that I had already purchased when I came upon your site, I must say your site is pretty cool I just love the theme, its amazing!. I don?t have the time this minute to fully read your site but I have bookmarked it and also signed up for your RSS feed. I?ll back in a day or two. thanks for a awesome site.

  164. Daveka says

    I was on board for the initial AC launch in Jan 2009. I spent a great deal of time, effort and money testing and cranking via the techniques they taught in the online course.

    Unfortunately the results simply weren’t there and I was never able to generate any real amount of money that made the effort worthwhile… not even enough to be even close to breaking even.

    I would steer clear of this course. It’s not worth the money and the techniques didn’t work form me. Perhaps it is for others, but most all that I know that have been involved were on the losing end.

    So coming from someone who was seriously involved and truly put forth the effort to make this work, I would not recommend the AC course to anyone.

  165. charlesbrooks says

    Affiliate Marketing is a performance based sales technique used by companies to expand their reach into the internet at low costs. This commission based program allows affiliate marketers to place ads on their websites or other advertising efforts such as email distribution in exchange for payment of a small commission when a sale results.

  166. Jones J says

    @Jeff point taken.. I think it is a good way to move forward XD. That’s the whole idea of sharing things and thoughts.. I was frequently teased in school for being too vocal and full of nonsense but as long as it is well-reasoned, I will still go ahead and voice my views! ??Good ideas are common – what’s uncommon are people who’ll work hard enough to bring them about?.?Keep on truckin! XD

  167. Improve Selling says

    So nice of you sharing this with us, i’m looking to improve my salesman skills so always on the hunt for new ideas and materials.

  168. Denny says

    Yes another Guru whos bashing someone in an effort to make you sign up on his own website for a “FREE” report.

    Jigga please… and everyone else reads this crap and takes another scam artists word for it.

    Wake up everyone, everyone in every industry are trying to make a living. Either by feeding off someone or something. Including this so called “Honest” guy.

  169. says

    Denny – I just want to say how much I admire you. Anyone who can stand up, give their real name and real email address, and publicly say what they think is a real stand-up guy.

    Oh wait – you didn’t do that. Who’s the Douche Bag again?

  170. says


    If your using words like Jigga then you must be a “Monday”….. or maybe your just gay! :) Now go make a sandwich with your B/F. :P

    Great Post Jerry West! You are one of the last true Guru’s.

    P.S. Arbitrage Conspiracy SUCKS :) GET CPA MINDCRIME!!!!!

  171. Don Schnure says

    Actually, Denny I hate to admit it, but I kind of agree with you here. Case in point:

    I’ve followed “Honest Guy” Jerry West’s SEO advise for the last few years and as result of that advise and my hard work, I’ve only managed to scrape up an EXTRA 150K+ in earnings the last 6 months or so. :(

    Can you imagine how much I WOULD have made if that lying bastard Jerry had been telling the truth! Man, what a lying douche bag…. grumble, grumble, grumble….

    On a side note: Jerry please keep lying to me. Every time you do I make money!

  172. says

    Yea I’m with Don on this one, every time me and Jerry talk I end of making more money and learn something new. Sucks, I hate those kind of people.

    Thank you so much for bringing this to my attention that Jerry is a lying douche bag Denny, I can’t believe I’ve trusted this bastard this long! You’re the truth man, your wise council throughout this blog is breathtaking, where can I subscribe to your blog?

  173. Laverna Briggman says

    I bookmarked this site a while ago because of the excellent content and I have never been thwarted. Carry on with the ideal work.

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