David Bullock Uncovers Obama Strategy

David Bullock is on stage right now showcasing how Obama used Social Media to land the presidency. Cool stuff.

When it comes to content, David pushes that just because you have the idea, and even register the domain name, unless you actually take your product and make it, package it, and move it, your idea means nothing. He even suggests giving away your product for free to get it out in front of your market. While many recommend doing this, I don’t. Giving away something for free just attracts the wrong people.

You know the famous phrase:

“The customer is always right.”

That’s wrong – and always has been. Let me explain. Take a moment and think about your customers. There are some you have right now that you wished you didn’t have. Why? Because there are RIGHT customers and there are WRONG customers.

What is an example of a wrong customer? See the email I received below a few days ago based on one of my eBooks I included in Jason Katzenback’s PPC Course as a bonus:

Date: March 6, 2009 10:09:24 PM EST
Subject: Fr.ee? E book offer

You offered a FR.EE* E-book thru REMOVED in exchange for my opt-in name and email address. Now you want even more information on you sale page. NOT GOING TO HAPPEN. I understand the game, but you are wanting to much for too little.

I don’t object to list building or even trying to up sell me, but I do have a problem with you not giving me access to the PDF without further information. I am not making a purchase…It was offered for FR.EE and you already have my permission to send emails thru the double opt-in.

Either send me the e book as a PDF attachment to your reply email in exchange for my double opt-in which you received, or I will be forced to consider making a nuisance of myself thru the Better Business Bureau, REMOVED forum and any other forums and blogs I come across until I get
what you offered.

I will be awaiting your reply with attachment.



That is the wrong customer. I use 1AutomationWiz to power my autoresponders and the digital delivery of my products. It is a simple process.

1) Enter your name and email address (adds to autoresponder)
2) Verify identify through double opt-in (to block spoof/spam signups)
3) Receive autoresponder with link “purchase” digital product
4) Shopping Cart displays with “$0.00″ as purchase price
5) Enter Information and Digital Product is delivered

Sure you are entering your name and email address twice. So what. The process takes four minutes or less, and the product is free.

The Bottom Line: The RIGHT Customer is Always Right and the WRONG Customer is Always Wrong.

I was talking to Leslie Rohde here at StomperNet and he mentioned that there is a marketer online who provides zero information for free. Even if it was for a dollar, as long as they have paid, those are the only customers he will communicate with. Does that limit is reach? Absolutely. Does he avoid the idiotness from the above example? Absolutely.

I even had ridiculous complaints over the email delivery of my CPA Mindcrime course – which was free. Here’s where I am now. I still believe in giving free content … it is a great way to get your message out. But if you have something really hot, you might be tempted to “move the free line” and give them that info for free. Hold back. Limit what you give for free. Use teasers to funnel your prospects to fully understand the value you will be adding to their business or their lives and use POINTS of DIFFERENCE to solidify your offer and then close the sale.

I’ll be writing more on this in the coming weeks as I do testing in various markets. Oh, and, of course, I’ll be releasing the results to the members of my SEO Revolution. :-)


  1. says

    Jerry, don’t let the whiners get you down…I know you wont!
    I have been the beneficiary of of a wealth of information from you directly or through Stomper freebies by you.

    I think the majority understand the “good stuff” is not going to be free and don’t expect it. I know I certainly don’t.

  2. Samuel Scates says

    This blog is impressive, any tips or tricks you recommend?

    Admin: Yeah Sam, I got a tip for you … how about don’t spam an SEO blog with your porn links? Would that be okay?

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