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Yahoo! to Kill Directory By End of 2014

What has a lot of old school SEOs a little shocked is the announcement by Yahoo! that they are going to discontinue their directory by the end of the year. What was even more … More

Does Google Hate Your Site?

How's your site ranking in Google these days? The number one question I am asked: "Does Google just hate my site?" There are definitely sites that Google hates, but the … More

Why 2014 Will Not Be Your Year

It's January 6th. Have the "rah rah" Tony Robins-esq Facebook posts that if you just "believe in yourself" or "wish on the Universe" your dreams will come true? I call … More

The Loss of a Legend

I learned a few hours ago that a legend in this industry, Ted Ulle, known as Tedster in the Webmaster World forums has passed away. You can read Brett Tabke's post here. I want … More

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Panda 4.0

Article Structure Reference: SearchMetrics' Visibility Analysis: … More

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