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Why 2014 Will Not Be Your Year

It's January 6th. Have the "rah rah" Tony Robins-esq Facebook posts that if you just "believe in yourself" or "wish on the Universe" your dreams will come true? I call … More

The Loss of a Legend

I learned a few hours ago that a legend in this industry, Ted Ulle, known as Tedster in the Webmaster World forums has passed away. You can read Brett Tabke's post here. I want … More

Sites Struggling in Google?

I know you are frustrated and feel overwhelmed with yet another Google update which has killed your sites...those sites you built to fix the last round of Google updates that … More

Want To Kick Ass Online? Get To Vegas…

Competition. Panda. Changing Markets. Penguin. Recession. Which excuse are you using right now for why you aren’t dominating your market? The reason you follow me is I don’t BS … More

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Panda 4.0

Article Structure Reference: SearchMetrics' Visibility Analysis: … More

We Were Right Again

Q&A Arthur asked about Penguin and how the linking site is unrelated but still passes juice; all of that is covered in depth at the Penguin section. The bottom line is tiering … More

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